A Great Way to Spend a Fall Afternoon….

As Fall settles in and Winter drops hints to let us know she is on the way, we try to get as much outside work done as possible. Yesterday the afternoon was beautiful, sunny with no clouds and nice and warm. Awhile ago, Graham took a dead tree down that was in our line of sight as we sat on the porch. We dragged all the dead branches up closer to our firepit.  Yesterday I got a small fire started and managed to get all the branches burned.


Fall cleanup fire

There were a lot of branches from that one dead tree. It took awhile to get them all burned, but it’s an enjoyable chore. We love having a fire!


cleanup fire

Graham is cutting down the Hops vine that grows along this fence. It looks beautiful during the summer and in very early Fall, the hops look fantastic with that dried, golden brown colour. However, once winter settles in, the vine just becomes a big mess. Next year we are probably going to move it.


Late afternoon

A late afternoon spent tending a fire. What better way to spend a Fall day?


Homebrewed Beer

Of course we had some homebrewed kit beer on hand!