About Us

We left a city on the West Coast of British Columbia to make our way to the Cariboo region of British Columbia (Canadian gardening Zone 3).

Life on the Coast was getting too busy, there were too many people, too much traffic and too much noise. We’ve traded that in for quiet evenings spent on a porch overlooking our Valley, sipping a glass of our own homemade Wild Fruit Wine. While we sit, we can listen to the birds, often watch deer in our pasture and hear the coyotes calling each other.

Spring, Summer and Fall usually find us working outside most of the day. Between 2 large vegetable gardens, one fruit and berry bed, a rhubarb patch, and a barn full of chickens, pigs and meat birds….well, we are kept busy. When we aren’t working  in the yard, we can be found exploring some of the many beautiful lakes in the Cariboo. We love fishing and often end up the year with many half-pint jars full of home smoked and canned trout.

Late Fall brings on the Harvests and the pressure canner is usually going out on our porch.

Potatoes, beets, carrots , garlic and onions are dug up and stored away in our Cold Room. Come Winter, we’ll have lots of food.

Winter is our time of rest. We sleep in, keep a fire going in the woodstove that heats our home and enjoy our days off. There’s nothing like relaxing in an easy chair with a cup of hot tea and plans of next years garden rolling around in my head.