An Afternoon Around the Fire Pit

One of our favourite late afternoon things to do here is to have a fire in our outdoor fire pit. It’s great to sit around a campfire in the cooler weather, with a glass of homemade beer in hand. Since we do have a good yard cleanup every Fall, we can pile the brush up over here by the pit. When we get enough, we have a fire. There are always tree branches and punky firewood to get rid of.
The firepit provide us with countless hours of relaxation, fun, companionship and friendly comraderie with neighbours.



We built it out beside the house where it is somewhat sheltered from the winds. 



We’ve got a rough bench made out of 2 large rounds of firewood with a slab of mill sawn pine put on top for the seat.

Cost for putting together this outdoor firepit complete with seating? Zero dollars – just what I like to hear.

Graham’s not above bringing the TV outside, if there’s a football or hockey game he wants to watch. We sat down in our chairs beside a warm fire, had a beer and cheered on the BC Lions!



we love barbequing over the fire pit grill.

Sometimes we will cook dinner over the firepit on the grill Graham made. Have you got a firepit at your place?



We use our pit almost all year round. Even in the Winter, as long as there isn’t too much snow piled over here, we can get a rockin fire going and have some friends over.


  1. avatar Jeyna says:

    Ahhh I LOVE having an outdoor fire! I miss it. Being right in town, you just can’t have them the same as in the country (restrictions, etc) . I love coming back inside and smell all yummy like campfire. Love that smell 🙂

    • avatar Annie says:

      I’m with you on this one, Jeyna. There’s nothing like sitting around watching a fire.