An Afternoon at the Lake



The other day, we took da Wolf off to the Lake. Since there was no one else there so we were able to just let him run around off leash and he had a great time.




Beautiful afternoon there, would have been nice to be in the boat.


Wolfie running in



Wolfie “wading” around



da Wolf does NOT swim. Perhaps he thinks it would be beneath him?




He is definitely a wader.




Can you see me Mom? I’m in the weeds!




He runs out



He runs back in.







Oh! He heard something. No, never mind


There ya go! Shake what your Mama gave ya



One more time, silly Wolf


  1. avatar Cat Plowman says:

    Annie..these are priceless……….thanks so much….i really enjoyed seeing an update on the big studmuffin…………….take care and hi to Graham ok….Cat

    • avatar Annie says:

      Thanks Cat and will do!