An Easy Way to Dump a Trailer Load of Anything

During the late Fall, you will often find us playing with fire here. Sometimes we even have more than one fire going at a time. In the Cariboo, you must be very careful when building fires. We wait until either the early wet of Spring or the early winter. Either way, there are always masses of dead branches, stumps, sticks and twigs to be gathered. The more we uncover, the more we seem to find. It’s a big job when you are first trying to clean up your property.

Just one of our clean up fires up by the road.  I’ll bet we will be picking up sticks for years around here.
This trailer was full of stumps but they’ve been dumped on the fire already. All that is left in the trailer are smaller branches and sticks.
An easy way to empty the trailer without using your back.
Chain it to the bucket on the excavator and drag it back close to the fire
Bring ‘er back a little farther…
Shake it all about!
And put ‘er gently back on the ground. Wasn’t that easy?  If you can afford to, an excavator is an awesome piece of machinery for your property. Graham got such a good deal on this machine back in 2006 that we just couldn’t NOT buy it. We’ve been glad ever since, as it has moved literally tons of stuff from here to there, including wood, stumps, manure, dirt and the list could go on and on.
We are still trying to buy equipment and set this property up properly. As the years go by, we want and need to make work easier around here. Keeping this in mind is a good thing – there will always be work involved in living on property. Anything we can do to lower the maintenance and make projects easier will be a big help in the years to come.