Tsu – My New Hangout

social media, paid for content

Have you heard about Tsu? It’s a new social media platform that operates a lot like Facebook, with one MAJOR difference. You get paid for your content, shares, and communication with your friends! Read the article I have linked below that ABC Business recently wrote about an interview with Sebastian, the founder of Tsu.

There’s a reason that Tsu has seen 3 million people sign up over the last four months. Think about it. How much do you get paid in a year for all th0se Facebook posts you make? I know Jesse isn’t sending me any money.


Come over to Tsu!


That being said, the reason to join Tsu is NOT to make money. If that’s your primary thinking, then don’t bother. But if you join Tsu and invite your friends over there (you need an invite from someone to join) and you share information, content and web articles, you will make some money. And isn’t that what you are doing right now on Facebook? Oh, except for the part where you are getting any money for all you great content!

Here’s an invite from me to you:  https://www.tsu.co/AnnieCoombe

Just click on it and get signed up. Once you’re there send me a friend request. Then let’s start yakking and sharing.

I’m going to be reducing my Country Living in a Cariboo Valley posts over on Facebook. Instead I am moving towards posting more on Tsu.

Once you get onto Tsu, hit Discover Users to find people you would like to follow or friend. You can also use #hashtags to find people posting about things you are interested in like:  #homestead   #garden  #livestock  #Wine  Using #tsunation opens up your post to a lot of people as does using #tsu

When you find someone with interesting posts, hit the option to follow them. Then start posting yourself about what you are up to, your latest blog post, your latest ebook, whatever you like.

Need another invite? Here:  https://www.tsu.co/AnnieCoombe

See you over there! And please feel free to send me a message over on Tsu to let me know you have arrived so I can follow you sooner! Have fun!

Here’s the article I mentioned – check it out to find out what Tsu is all about.


Raising Heritage Chickens in the North

busy henhouse

Here’s something worth considering. If you’re thinking of getting a flock of chickens, consider getting a heritage breed.

Do some research as to your weather conditions, how harsh your winter is and how much natural vegetation you have in season. Then get some heritage breed chickens! They know how to forage and they’re used to being outdoors.

If you live in a northern climate and have room to let your chickens free range (and you should, no matter what size yard you have) then look into Icelandic chickens. They’re great layers, fantastic at finding their own food and are excellent at being broody.


laying hens foraging for food

Our chickens are a Red Sex Link….great layers, not so great at being broody. I think its been bred out of them, although we do have one that will make an excellent mother.


busy henhouse

She does a great job of keeping our eggs from freezing during winter. Since our layers tend to lay in one box, Beatrice gets in there and keeps all the eggs warm until we go down and collect them.

We have trained these girls to hunt and peck for their food. Not that it does much good in the middle of winter, but we know that as soon as the snow melts, these girls will be paying their own way again.