Available Now! Canadian Garlic 2015 Harvest

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It’s August 5, 2015 and our wonderful Garlic crop is almost fully harvested. It’s an earlier harvest than usual, and that seems to be happening all over the province this year. Now, the garlic bulbs are hanging to dry in the barn loft and breezeway, the ideal place since there is usually a gentle breeze blowing down the Valley.

Again this year, we are selling limited amounts of the three types of garlic we are growing. Interested? Read on and put in your order – it won’t last!

We grow and sell three kinds of hardneck garlic:  Yugoslavian Porcelain, Music and Russian Red.

ALL three are grown from Organic Certified seed. We use no chemicals here in our gardens. This is healthy, good for you garlic!  Note that hardneck garlic is unbraidable.  Here’s more information on each type.


Yugoslavian Porcelain


buy garlic, Canadian garlic growers, garlic farm, garlic for sale

Yugoslavian Porcelain is a great choice for Canadian garlic growers, as it is very tolerant of the cold. This garlic has a fairly robust flavour, although I consider it the mildest of the three types we grow. The cloves are large, with usually four or five cloves per bulb. It’s ready for harvest usually by early to mid August here in the Cariboo. Heads are between 1 1/2inches and 1 3/4 inches.

Price:  $3.75 per head. Limit of five per order. 





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An average of three to six cloves per head. Beautiful white outer wrappers, with purple inner wrappers. Music is a very hardy type of garlic and very productive with tall scapes. It’s ready for harvest usually by early to mid August here in the Cariboo. Since we are still increasing our Music numbers, we don’t have much for sale. Heads are between 1 1/2inches and 1 3/4 inches.

Price:  $3.75 per head Limit of one per order.


Russian Red


buy our garlic, Canadian garlic farm, grow garlic

This was the first kind of garlic we grew and we love it today just as much as we did eight years ago. Each year, we plant more and we have a good amount of this type to sell this year. Robust hearty flavour, Russian Red tastes very strong when eaten raw. Cooked, its flavour mellows a bit, but it is still a very full bodied garlic. There are usually six or seven cloves per bulb and I usually harvest it in very late August here in the Cariboo. Heads are between 1 1/2inches and 1 3/4 inches.


Price:  $3.75 per head Limit of nine per order. 



Ordering Information

You can order garlic by emailing us at bradleycreekgarlic @gmail.com  (take out the space). You can pay for your order either through Paypal OR through email interact transfer. Please be sure to give ALL the following information when you email:

– What kind and how many of each type. Note the limits, we can’t make exceptions (not this year). Feel free to mix and match the varieties, if you like.

– Your complete mailing address.

We are happy to ship your order anywhere in Canada. 


Shipping Information

There will be a flat shipping charge of $15 per order. Garlic is shipped in cardboard boxes and we all know Canada Post keeps raising the shipping prices.  Use this to your advantage and order the maximum amount!

2015 harvest will be shipped beginning August 19. Order now to avoid disappointment when a cultivar sells out.



Customer Testimonials


” I was very happy with the garlic I got from you, Annie. It was easy to grow and did good. Nice heads with a lot of flavor.”  (Kathy)


Email your testimonials to us at bradleycreekgarlic @ gmail.com  We will appreciate it and will include your comments on this website.





We Have a Lot of Crap….I Mean Stuff

photo: digitalart

Ever feel that your house is overflowing with stuff? I am really suffering from that feeling lately. We have a lot of stuff….and all the stuff that we use only occasionally always seems to end up in a corner of our basement.

Our basement isn’t unfinished, but it isn’t finished either. It’s a hodge podge; a mixture of small oddly shaped rooms none of which are completely finished. There’s a cold room, a wine room, a potting room (for all my garden pots and other supplies, NOT a pot growing room!) a large rec room and a storage room. The storage room is overflowing with boxes of this and that. More boxes of stuff are stacked in the corners of almost every other room down there. Why? Because we have too much stuff!

We have cans of paint that we used in a house over ten years ago and 300 miles away; I still haven’t figured out why we are holding on to those four half-filled cans of paint. There isn’t even enough paint in one can to paint one tiny room, so why do we still have them hanging around?

Why do we need five boxes of Christmas tree ornaments when we only put up one large tree inside. Why do we have three boxes full of winter coats when there are only two of us living here? How does a person run out of winter coats and then need to have a supply of twenty two others on hand?

We’ve had a big garage sale and we managed to get rid of a lot of it. If only we could put a rule in place that says for every one thing we bring in, one thing must go out!  Of course, that’s probably not realistic and if you’ve lived in the same home for years and years, you likely know what I’m talking about.

photo credit:  Salvatore Vuono

photo credit: Salvatore Vuono

Even worse, things get put in boxes and then the boxes don’t get labelled. Wouldn’t it be great if boxes were labelled with every single thing that was inside? I know that’s probably too much to ask, but seriously, it would be great.

As it is now, we have to go looking through all the boxes to find that thing that we need once a year. We seriously have to get more organized. Getting rid of all the extras would be a huge help. All I know is I am not moving all this stuff again, unless it is onto a table with a huge For Sale sign hanging on it.

I’m quite certain that I don’t want to ever move house again. The way I feel now is… “They” can take me out in a box! (Just make sure it’s labelled!)

That being said, there may come a time when the farm is too much for us. We are 40 minutes from a hospital and these things will become more and more important as the years go by. Will there come a day when that distance is simply too far to go?  Perhaps.

I know what I’ll be doing if that day ever does come. A huge garage sale will be happening here! Everything must go!

Then, I’ll be researching moving companies to find one that has a great reputation, lots of insurance in case they break anything and they have to be members of the BBB. Bonus points for any company that actually comes and packs the remaining boxes up for us then delivers them to wherever we land after this! I’ll bet they write the contents on each box.

Whether we’re moving closer to the Coast, down south to California or even if we need movers Phoenix, I’ll be sure to get the best people for the job. All I know is it Won’t be ME!

In the meantime, I think we need to have another garage sale. It’s time to really get serious – sell all the extras or give the stuff away. Just get it out of here!  I have no need for four sets of dinner dishes, even though each one of the patterns is beautiful.

Have you downsized the contents of your home lately? Are you like us and hang on to every single thing you have ever bought? I’m feeling quite determined to tackle this overflowing house and get things in order. Just as soon as the garden is put to bed :)