Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

It’s July 1 and that means it is Canada Day for all us northern dwellers. How are YOU spending the holiday? We’ll be at the local lake later this afternoon for some good eats and wonderful visits with friends and neighbours. That’s after a morning of chores done around the homestead; Graham is hoping to get out to the rake the hay he cut the other day. I’m hoping to get an hour or two in the garden pulling weeds!

Happy Canada Day!

However you spend your holiday, our wish for all of you is a coming year of only happiness, great health and times spent with the ones you love. Enjoy your day!

The Garlic Scapes are Ready!

Canadian Seed Garlic

The garlic is doing great; it seems it is getting everything it needs these days. Over the last several weeks we have been getting some wonderful rain storms, so the gardens are all getting a good soaking. Now we are in for some heat over the next week and the garden will love that. We’ve been eating lots of lettuce, radishes, asparagus and we are starting to get big juicy strawberries.

The garlic scapes are coming on – all 4000 of them. Some plants are earlier than others but today I picked just over 6 pounds of scapes. Not bad for the first picking and I’m sure we’ll be picking again in a couple of days.


Fresh Garlic Scape Harvest

A restaurant in Vancouver is going to be enjoying these tomorrow.


Garlic Scapes

For a limited time, we are offering scapes for sale here on the website. The harvest should be ongoing for at least three weeks so if you  would like some, get in touch with us at bradleycreekgarlicfarms @ gmail.com  Remove the spaces and your message will reach us.

Garlic scapes are wonderful in a variety of ways including steamed, pickled, turned into pesto or dried for later use. They are $4/lb, which would be approximately 30 scapes.

If you’re interested in growing garlic this year or looking for fresh garlic for eating, we’re writing about that on our Buy Our Garlic page. We will be updating the page as our garlic is ready for harvesting.