What to do With all the Strawberry Runners?

Do you grow your own fruit?  Growing your own berries isn’t difficult and will be much cheaper than buying fruit from the store. We’ve had strawberry beds every since we moved here in 2006. We added a lot more composted manure to the strawberry bed this year and it shows!  We have had runners going willy nilly and they are beyond getting out of control.

IMG 1437 225x300 What to do With all the Strawberry Runners?

The strawberry bed sometimes suffers here; we’ve got so much else going on that it’s a bit easy to get overlooked. As long as we get in there and remove most of the suckers, we’ll end up with nice large fruit.


IMG 8735 300x225 What to do With all the Strawberry Runners?

We’ve been snipping some of the runners for sale at the Farmer’s Market, but we still have a lot here. Jaime’s been busy…


IMG 8734 300x225 What to do With all the Strawberry Runners?

planting some of the runners into this large Strawberry Pot!


IMG 8736 300x225 What to do With all the Strawberry Runners?

The pipe standing up in the middle is for watering. It probably won’t take long for the plants in the top tier to hide the pipe. Strawberry pots like this are fantastic for on the patio or any other small garden space. You can get a lot of strawberries from one of these pots!

We’ve Waited a Long Time for This….

Long time readers will know how long we have wanted to make hay; it’s something we’ve been moving towards for years. Because we didn’t want to lay out huge chunks of cash for equipment, we bought everything separately and over about a four year span. Finally, we have all the parts needed to cut and move hay!


IMG 8725 300x225 Weve Waited a Long Time for This....

Graham is haying on the property next door….


IMG 87271 300x225 Weve Waited a Long Time for This....

Yesterday he used the baler and he ended up with 120 bales. We are pretty happy, even though the hay is not really good quality. We’re considering this year to be a “practice” run and we think it was successful!


IMG 8726 300x225 Weve Waited a Long Time for This....

You can see the bales lined up in the neighbouring field. Lots of round bales waiting to be picked up! We’re doing small square bales and are not sure if we would ever get a round baler.  Graham’s Dad is watching in the picture.


IMG 87301 300x225 Weve Waited a Long Time for This....

I took a video and will try to get it posted here. The tractor is a Same – pronounced Sammy. Italian made, it’s considered a really good tractor. The baler is a Massey-Ferguson. To cut the hay, Graham used the sickle bar mower. He’s not that happy with it so we will be looking at other options. After cutting and leaving it for a day in the field, he used the hay rake to fluff it up and then put it into rows.

We will use these bales for winter bedding for the chickens. We’ll also give it away to whoever wants some for bedding; hopefully next years hay will have more nutritional value and we can start selling it.

Having the right equipment (even if it’s old) to do the job is so important. The field is far too large to cut by scythe and since Graham is so good mechanically, buying well used equipment seemed the best option for us. We are trying to never buy new if we can help it. We also don’t mind waiting for the right parts to come for sale at the right time. Always look to minimize your expenses on the homestead – you don’t want the added stress of having monthly payments on equipment.

Learn as much as you can by talking with people and reading – there are so many great ebooks out there to have one your Kindle or your PC. Here’s one all about tractors!

Using implements Weve Waited a Long Time for This....