An Update for Bill C-18

Cathy McLeod Bill C-18

A couple of months ago, I signed a petition about Bill C-18, the Agricultural Growth Act and the changes they are contemplating. Here’s the response I got from Cathy McLeod, our MP.

Cathy McLeod page 1 218x300 An Update for Bill C 18

Cathy McLeod page 2 218x300 An Update for Bill C 18

I don’t see anything in there about seed or pollen drift, so I guess they think there is an “invisible” line between farms using GMO seed and those that don’t?

What do you think about this?

Garlic Sales Update – Still Two Kinds Available

Garlic Available - Ship Canada Wide

Our Yugoslavian Porcelain Garlic is now Sold Out.  We still have two other kinds of garlic available:

Russian Red


Reduced prices are available if buying in bulk. Otherwise, prices remain the same as noted on our Garlic Sales page.