Wise Emergency/Hiking/Prepping Food Supply Kits – A Review

Wise Emergency Food Supplies

A month or so ago, I received an email asking if I would like to receive a supply of Wise Emergency Foods in exchange for writing a review on this site. I agreed and received a box of Wise Favorites, which is a collection of six entrees and one breakfast. Each is a serving for 2 people. Jaime and I really enjoyed the Creamy Chicken with Vegetables and Pasta, and there was more than enough for the two of us.


IMG 9068 300x225 Wise Emergency/Hiking/Prepping Food Supply Kits   A Review



IMG 9061 300x225 Wise Emergency/Hiking/Prepping Food Supply Kits   A Review

The contents: 6 entrees and 1 dessert. Each pouch serves two people.


IMG 9067 225x300 Wise Emergency/Hiking/Prepping Food Supply Kits   A Review

Each meal comes in a pouch which, once opened, becomes your pot for cooking as well as your bowl for eating from if you want. We just added two cups of boiling water, gave it a really good stir and sealed the package again. You have to be sure to have the package on a flat surface so it doesn’t spill while you are sealing it up again. Then just wait for 12 – 15 minutes, open it up and enjoy.


IMG 9069 300x225 Wise Emergency/Hiking/Prepping Food Supply Kits   A Review


Although these meals are NOT organic, they are a good idea for your emergency food supply. But that’s not all; when I saw how compact each of these meal pouches was, I realized that if you were a hiker, you could fit a lot of these pouches into your backpack. Having a fourteen day (or more) supply would not be a problem. They are lightweight too, which would be a big help.

Want to try them out? Head over to their site and ask for your free sample.

Are you concerned with emergency preparedness? We are and so are a lot of our friends. Whether you need supplies because the power is out, the road is flooded, you’ve lost your job or become sick, there WILL come a time when you need them. Be sure your family is ready for emergencies!

A Cariboo Homestead Winter

January on the Homestead

It’s beautiful and sunny today, which often happens here in the Cariboo. Even though we can get a lot of snow and it does get cold, often afternoons are simply beautiful here! Take a look…

IMG 9072 300x225 A Cariboo Homestead Winter

A view of the greenhouse, barn and fields taken from the porch. You can see we have a massive ice curl forming.


IMG 9071 300x225 A Cariboo Homestead Winter

It really makes it a fair bit darker inside the house when we have a sheet of ice between the sun and the dining room window!


IMG 9073 300x225 A Cariboo Homestead Winter

Since we need to get down to the barn several times a day to check on the hens, Jaime has cut a path for us. It’s just narrow but you get an idea of how much snow we have. There’s also a path leading to the greenhouse so we can move the snow away from the sides.

IMG 9074 300x225 A Cariboo Homestead Winter

While we were away, there were some very cold temperatures. This means we have a layer of ice on top of the greenhouse under that snow you can see. It’s hard to get that off; we need several warm afternoons to melt it away. Trying to use a broom from inside to push away the snow, just means we would put holes in the plastic roof. But we need to get down there and brush off the snow from the outside of the roof. Then perhaps that ice layer will start melting.

We also like to keep the snow away from the sides, so Jaime has made a pathway all around the perimeter of the greenhouse. We still have the original plastic on there (from 2008 I think), so that has held up far better than had ever hoped. This is just another winter chore around here!


IMG 9075 300x225 A Cariboo Homestead Winter


Snow, snow everywhere! We are fortunate Graham has a machine for moving the snow. He piles it up to get it off the driveway. He is careful as to where he piles it; we like to have it piled on the lower side of the driveway, so when it melts, it melts away from the house and driveway. This means a lot less mud come Mud Season, one of the most dreaded times of the year here for us. We are really not at all fond of Mud Season, but the snow needs to melt so we just do what we can to make it easier for us.