Smoky Aspen Garlic Rock Salt – our Newest Product

Smoky Aspen Garlic Rock Salt

We came up with a great idea, played around with our recipe and it’s been called a winner. Several friends offered to be the guinea pigs for this and each one of them loved it!

We were able to get several batches made up, which we brought along to the South Cariboo Garlic Festival and added to our table. Surprise (not really) we SOLD OUT before the end of the first day. We packaged up the remainder and we sold that out before noon on Sunday.

We are now offering the Smoky Aspen Garlic Rock Salt for sale on this website, so order some if you like. It is great sprinkled on grilling steaks or chicken. A friend of ours has been adding it to his scrambled eggs and loving it.

Smoky Aspen Garlic Rock Salt

Soon we will be offering this in grinders, for those who want a finer mix.

A 125 gram bag costs $8 – shipping is $5 and we can ship across Canada. If you buy more than one bag, we can offer a special price on the shipping. We will be adding a Paypal Buy Now Button soon, but for now, just email us your order. We can send you an invoice which you can pay through Paypal.

Please email us at bradleycreekgarlic @ (take out the spaces) if you have any questions or wish to order in bulk. We can also ship this to anyone that you wish to send a gift too.

Fun at the South Cariboo Garlic Festival!

Canadian Garlic Products

We spent the weekend attending our first Garlic Festival and we had a great time. We met lots of people (and it was a bonus that we got to meet several people who regularly read this website!) and had a lot of laughs.

Here are some pictures of our booth and beautiful garlic bulbs that we were offering. All of our garlic (and everything else) we grow here is naturally grown – zero chemicals or pesticides. We like to think it shows in these beautifully big and healthy looking bulbs.


Canadian seed garlic

Our booth as it looked Saturday morning – it sure didn’t look this full by the time we packed up on Sunday afternoon.


Music. Yugoslavian Porcelain Garlic, Canadian Seed Garlic


Music and Yugoslavian Porcelain bulbs sitting pretty in their baskets.


Canadian Garlic Products



The Smoky Aspen Garlic Rock Salt was a big hit and we sold out early. Later today I will put up a post about this awesome salt along with the information to order it online here on our site.