The Yellow Rope – an Update

The Yellow Rope

Early in the gardening season, I had made the decision that I could NOT allow any deer in the garden. Not. Even. One.  With all the garden planning that Jaime and I were doing, we knew early on that we were going to be investing so much more time in the garden this year than I had in the past. And I normally spend a lot of time in there each year.

Look, I really don’t mind deer, I actually like deer. Well, I like to eat deer, to be honest. Yes they are cute and they look beautiful when we see Mamas and their spotted babies wandering around the yard. That being said, I like to eat them more than I like to look at them. There’s nothing that can make me happy than looking at a bunch of butcher wrapped venison inside the freezer. We love venison snitzel…ok, now I am just getting hungry. Back to the subject at hand…

With all our big plans for our garden veggies, there is no way we could afford to get up one morning and find that deer have been nibbling the lettuces and other goodies while we were sleeping. Remembering what a friend had told me a few years ago, I decided to try the yellow rope trick. I wrote about it earlier this year, so check out my original post.


July 23 14 after the rain 300x225 The Yellow Rope   an Update

A few of our readers wanted to be sure I updated that post, with the results. Did the deer stay out? Or did they jump the rope to get in? And I can say, they did not. They really did stay out of the garden! Maybe it had something to do with the colour of the rope; maybe it had something to do with our winding the rope all the way around the garden three times. It added at least two feet of height to our garden fencing.


May 26 300x225 The Yellow Rope   an Update

They say that deer can EITHER jump high or jump wide. What’s hard for them it to do both at the same time. I don’t know; I have seen deer jump pretty high over things when they are trying to get off the road when they see cars coming. But I do know, that because we strung up that rope, we were able to keep the deer out.


yellow rope May 26 300x225 The Yellow Rope   an Update

So, I’d advise giving it a try if you have deer hanging around. Of course, you could always fall back on our plans. Which is, plant some extra food for the deer. Let them come in and nibble. Then, because they ate your food, you get to eat them. After all, I am higher on the food chain. Next year, I am seriously considering planting a deer garden. What do you think?

Monsanto – a Great Easy Explanation!

Monsanto purple paint

The actions of Monsanto can be really quite hard to understand. They like it that way. They do a lot of “double talk” which ends up confusing people. They like to keep it under wraps that many former employees (the ones up high in management) are now working (high up) in the government.  They like to keep it under wraps that they do things like change Agent Orange (which killed a lot of soldiers in Vietnam) a little bit, then repackage it and call it Round Up!

I saw this the other day on Facebook. I love the ease of this definition. The writer is talking about the wind drift – that is, one field Roundup Ready sprayed and the field next door left natural and organic. I have read of farmers whose farm has been in the family for Hundreds of years, every year saving their seed for planting the following year. Then, along comes a Roundup Ready field next door and before they know it, their seed has been contaminated. Goodbye, seed!


Monsanto purple paint 300x300 Monsanto   a Great Easy Explanation!

We should ALL be learning more about Monsanto and what they have done to us. It’s not only done to the farmers – if you eat food, they have harmed you to. Pay attention to what you are feeding your children. Pay attention to what your children are feeding to your grandchildren.

Learn more about Monsanto by reading….here’s a good book. It’s available on Amazon, in both Kindle or paperback format:

Monsanto book Monsanto   a Great Easy Explanation!

The World According to Monsanto explains how Monsanto controls the majority of corn and soy in the world and it is full of stuff that is SO BAD for you and your family to be eating.

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