Bear Meat and Making Lard

Graham enjoys hunting and he tries to get out into the woods several times a year. Of course, since we live in the woods, he doesn’t have far to travel. Bear season in the Cariboo is April and May and then again from September to November. The season for deer is from September to November. 


Not only do we like to eat bear and venison, but da Wolf needs a supply of food on hand as well. He gets all the trimmings when we are butchering.


A couple of years ago, Graham got a nice sized bear. After removing the ribs, backstrap and several roasts, we started cutting up the rest to be canned for da Wolf.



We set the pressure canner up on the porch and packed quart jars with the raw trimmings, added some liquid and then canned them for 90 minutes at 15 pounds of pressure.



We’re cubing the fat and rendering it down in a low oven 250 degrees.

It takes a long time to melt down, but it will be worth it. Bear fat makes the absolute best pie crusts and they have a really thick layer of fat on them at this time of year.



After the fat has melted, we poured it through a small sieve.

Then Graham put some cheesecloth double layered into our canning funnel. Poured the liquid thru, to filter out any bits.

Put a sealer lid and ring on them and set them on the counter overnight. We ended up with 2 quarts and a half quarts, which we put in the fridge.

We’re looking forward to using this for pastries and tarts!

We try hard to use every part of the bear, letting nothing go to waste. The bones are all wrapped and put in the freezer for Da Wolf to enjoy over the year.


  1. Oh! I hadn’t thought about canning bear meat for the dogs. They’ll thank you for this.

    • avatar Annie says:

      Hi Robin, we feed our dog some crunchies and then add some meat on top. He loves it and I think it’s good for him!