Berries, Berries, Berries

I have already mentioned what an incredible Berry year it has been for us in the Cariboo. Here are a few pictures of our Berry harvest.


Raspberries are coming to an end. We’ve got lots of raspberries in the freezer – come late Fall, we will probably start a batch of Raspberry Saskatoon berry wine. It is the best homemade wine we have made, hands down.

Soon I will have to get in the Berry bed and clean up the Raspberries. I get in there probably 3 times a season to pull the runners and weed the bed. I have a lot of sawdust laid down as a mulch, and it has helped a lot to keep the weeds down.

The Strawberries in just one of our beds have done really well this year. The other beds need rejuvenation and I just didn’t get around to it this year. This will be a regret, for sure.

What I should have done is make sure I clip off all the rooted runners and get them growing in another strawberry bed. I also should have pulled and tossed the oldest plants we have.

If I had done these things, we would have had a lot of berries. However, one bed did really well and I will have to be satisfied with that.


Look at the size of these Strawberries, they are huge.


A big bowl full of big berries.


One day, I noticed I needed to pick berries but didn’t have a bowl, so I just used my shirt. Hey, whatever works, right?


Here’s a good picking and the results –  2 3/4 pounds! I’ll be making jam with most of these. The rest we will eat fresh. One time we did try making Strawberry Wine. We will never bother with that again. It didn’t taste good at all, it hardly had any flavour.

Strawberries are quite easy to grow, although to keep your bed going year after year, some maintenance needs to be done. It’s easier to keep track of if you have several separate beds of plants.

That way, you can easily tell which are the oldest plants. Always take your runners off your newest plants. Remove all the flowers of your runners that first year. Let the plant put its energy into the roots. This will pay off the following year.

Take any 3 or 4 year old plants and toss them. This is what I did not do and this years harvest has reinforced to me that I need to make sure next year that I maintain the beds properly.



  1. avatar Kari says:

    Great information and delicious pictures! Thank you, Annie!

    • avatar Annie says:

      How are things going for you KAri? Starting to wind down now?