Canadian Blog Awards – We’re Nominated!

I received word the other day that Country Living in a Cariboo Valley has again been nominated for the Canadian Blog Awards. We’re in the Best Personal Blog category – I would have rather seen us in the Food and Drink Category, but hey, at least we’re nominated.

I wonder why they don’t have a Gardening category, or Homesteading. Maybe they will include something like that for next year.

I have been listing our website in some more web directories and I am always surprised how many directories do NOT have a category for Gardening. Ah well, not everyone is an avid Gardener and I need to remember that.

Want to see all the great blogs that were nominated this year? Head on over here – and if you would like to vote for us, here’s where you do that.

I’m not sure what the rules are around voting – last year, I thought a person could only vote once, turned out you could vote once per day! Can’t imagine people having that much time or inclination to vote every day but….

A big Thank You to whoever nominated us – we appreciate it!