Wildlife – Our View on Animals in our Backyard

We’re very fortunate to live in an area with so much wildlife! City folks may find it a bit unnerving, but we love it. There aren’t many people who get to see these views from the porch…

deer, hunting, BC

The deer are always quite good at showing up out of season!

deer, hunting, wildife

Mama and babe…

Right outside the door!

Can you see her?

Moose in the Pasture

A Cow Moose in the hayfield – these are huge animals, as big as a horse.


A healthy Coyote hanging out by our well…

BC, wildlife, animals, hunt

The bear wasn’t in the yard; we saw him on a roadtrip. People had obviously been feeding him from their cars, because he just hung out on the side of the highway. Unfortunately, the feeding was probably the death knell for this guy. Please don’t feed wildlife – you are harming more than helping.

Wild Fires in BC

There are several good sized fires burning right now here in BC. It’s creating a lot of problems throughout the province. Smoke is coming from fires burning west of Quesnel and up near Tumbler Ridge in northern BC. There are other fires as well and crews from other provinces are here to try to help get them contained.



It’s common for firefighters to go all over the country to help put out wildfires. The provincial crews are just not big enough to do the job. It’s a great thing that so many other provinces (and sometimes some of the US states) are so willing to step in to help. BC, in turn, goes to where they are needed when fires break out.


BC Wildfire smoke

Yesterday, Jaime and I drove through Clinton, about an hour south of 100 Mile House. The smoke is stuck in the Clinton Valley and there was hardly any visibility at all. People throughout the province are being advised to just stay indoor and keep the doors and windows closed. Even in Vancouver, they can see and smell the smoke and that is a six hour drive south from here. Hopefully they can get these fires out soon!