Wild Fires in BC

BC Wildfire smoke

There are several good sized fires burning right now here in BC. It’s creating a lot of problems throughout the province. Smoke is coming from fires burning west of Quesnel and up near Tumbler Ridge in northern BC. There are other fires as well and crews from other provinces are here to try to help get them contained.


IMG 8659 300x225 Wild Fires in BC

It’s common for firefighters to go all over the country to help put out wildfires. The provincial crews are just not big enough to do the job. It’s a great thing that so many other provinces (and sometimes some of the US states) are so willing to step in to help. BC, in turn, goes to where they are needed when fires break out.


IMG 8660 300x225 Wild Fires in BC

Yesterday, Jaime and I drove through Clinton, about an hour south of 100 Mile House. The smoke is stuck in the Clinton Valley and there was hardly any visibility at all. People throughout the province are being advised to just stay indoor and keep the doors and windows closed. Even in Vancouver, they can see and smell the smoke and that is a six hour drive south from here. Hopefully they can get these fires out soon!


Burning in Springtime

Burning off the Pasture

Each year, lots of people in the Cariboo burn their grass. We’d actually love to be able to burn the pasture in front of the house, because it would rejuvenate the field. It would burn up all that trampled down grass and it would clean the field. It would also burn all those willows out there; that would be great. However, we are never willing to take the chance that a big fire¬†might break out and spread up and down the Valley.

IMG 0896 300x225 Burning in Springtime

So we restrict ourselves to small burns, like this area. We call this the Animal garden, because when we used to have pigs, we would plant this area full of veggies and then we would either harvest them ourselves for the piggies or even just let them in there to get their own dinner. It worked well and the pigs would add manure which would enrich the soil.


IMG 8436 300x225 Burning in Springtime

No piggies for us this year, and none last year. That means this area is a mess full of tall dead grass and weeds. Since we need to plant veggies in here for the Farmer’s Market, Graham burned off all the grass and weeds. Amazing how quick that stuff will burn.


IMG 8437 300x225 Burning in Springtime

You can see the pasture in the background. We only burn when the field is flooded, can you see the water?



IMG 8438 300x225 Burning in Springtime

The Animal garden after burning; it looks a lot better.


IMG 8439 300x225 Burning in Springtime

More burning…


tiger torch Burning in Springtime

Graham uses a propane tank attached to a tiger torch, like the one above. Tiger torches are very handy and are one of those tools that every homestead should have on hand.


IMG 8440 300x225 Burning in Springtime

We always have garden hoses ready when we burn. Sometimes we have to connect 3 or 4 together, depending on how far away the burn area is. Always be prepared, burning can easily get out of hand. While he burns, I stand ready with the hoses and wet down the edges of the area. Since we don’t live in an area served by fire protection, we need to be extremely careful.