Snowshoeing in the Valley

January 2011 Cal



Before I moved to the Cariboo, I had never used snowshoes. That changed when my friend Marion and I went snowshoeing! See that far tree line?



Zoomed in on the willows in the field with the treeline in behind.



And the next round of willows, closer to that treeline.



Method of transport – it was a lot of fun!



Marion lent me a pair, and she had her two dogs and I had da Wolf.  When we were about halfway across the field, another dog joined us. She had seen us leaving and wanted to come along too! There was a lot of snow out there. It was fine for us as our snowshoes carried us along the top of the snow.


Here’s a pic looking back toward our house. We had made it thru the first round of willows.


It was kinda tough going for da Wolf. The other dogs are a lot lighter than he is, he was practically swimming thru the snow most of the time.



Here he is unsure of whether he wants to keep going. He kept looking at me and then looking back at the house! But he carried on, continuing to follow us.



Looking back across the fields towards the house.


Pussy willows just starting to bud! Spring cannot be far away.


The dogs blazing a trail.



Me on my snowshoes, enjoying a wonderful Winter afternoon.



Looking down the Valley.


Getting closer to the treeline on the far side of the field – we had already crossed the creek by now.



Marion stepping over and on the willows, giving me pointers along the way.



And here we are at the far treeline, we made it!



 We saw Many chickadees in the willows , but it was very hard to get a picture of them, as they flutter here and there. Can you see the chickadee?



Rosehips providing some Winter colour!


It was great fun and I’d love to do it again!


 (This post was originally published January, 2009)


Snow Curls and Snow Shedding

Mar 3, 08

Here’s a picture of the back of our woodshed. The way the snow curls down like that looks so cool.

We were astounded our first winter here – we grew up on the Coast which means lots of rain but not a lot of snow.  Our house here in the Cariboo has quite a steep roof to help shed the snow. But we had never heard that moment when all that snow lets go and slides down the roof! Scared the wits out of me the first time it happened; it sounded like an airplane engine. Even now, although I am used to it, it startles me.

And if we look out the window in time, we can see huge sheets of snow falling to the ground. It scared our dog too and he learned to not lay around outside too close to the house.

A few years ago we had an  ice storm that resulted in a layer of ice on our roof, followed by whatever snow had fallen.  There was at least 3 feet of snow on the roof and because of that thick layer of ice, the snow wasn’t able to slide off the roof.


One day, after enough warm weather, the snow on the roof above the living room finally let go. Our dog was in the house with me, and all of a sudden he looked at me. A couple seconds later, I heard the rumbling and then watched the snow dropping.

I brought Sir out on the porch to show him the chunks of ice and snow.  I was smiling saying “It’s OK bud, it’s all good!”

Until, I looked over the side of the porch and realized the whole stem and transponder for my internet satellite was sticking out of the snow.



Check this out.  The snow and ice coming off the roof had so much force behind it that it neatly severed the arm clean across!  A good reason to stay away from buildings that have snow on their roof. I would hate to think what could have happened if a person or Sirhad been standing too close to the house.

You can hear the snow getting ready to slide off, IF you are inside the house. If you’re outside however, you won’t hear it starting to let go. So remember, if you have a lot of snow on your roof, don’t walk too close to the house on those warm sunny Winter afternoons!


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