A Little Website Housekeeping is in Order


Ah, Fall. Late Fall – even better. It’s a time for more relaxation and generally slowing down after a very busy season. I love the late Fall; it means that most of the outside work has been done. It usually means all the winter storage of garden produce has been dealt with and so our busiest days of the year are behind us.

The Cold Room is full again; jars of sauerkraut and canned green beans fill the shelves. I didn’t can tomatoes this year, as we still have plenty of jars of sauce left. The last time I did up tomato sauce, I did over 200 pounds of fresh tomatoes so that should last us at least until next Fall. Thank goodness because this year there was zero time set aside for canning huge quantities.

This was to be the summer of jam, however the birds got into the strawberries and did a huge cleanup of them before we even noticed and lay netting over the bed.

freeze fruit, jam, berries


I did manage to keep up with picking the raspberries and got about 40 pounds put into the freezer. Raspberry jam can wait to be made until early January – I love having deep freezers so I can just toss bags of berries and rhubarb in there until I have time to deal with them.


naturally grown garlic, ship Canada wide

The Garlic did wonderful this year – it was an earlier than usual harvest and our passion for garlic never seems to fade! We still have a small amount of Russian Red available for sale – check out the link for more information. As long as your ground isn’t yet frozen, you can still plant this year.

The potatoes are all sitting in brown paper bags. They’ve been separated into “eating” and “seed” paper bags and are being stored on the Cold Room shelves. The first batch of Rhubarb wine has been started and now moved down into a carboy and can stay there for awhile.

Now, as the days become slower for me, it’s time to turn my attention to the website. Those days of old (where I used to write every couple of days) seem to have disappeared. Too many things going on in our real lives for me to be able to sit for an hour writing blog posts. Every once in awhile, I promise myself I will try harder and then, just as quickly, the promise fades because other things move to the top of the priority list.

This morning, I am working on website housekeeping. I’ve turned the comments back on (not sure how they got turned off), so please feel free to leave a comment. I’ve got post links to update, pictures to update and things to move around here and there.

I have turned off the forum, for now at least. A lot of spammy trackbacks and not a whole lot of interaction was going on there. So Craig and Linda, if you are reading this, leave me a comment or shoot me an email to let me know how you are doing! I do miss talking with both of you.

A Dusting of Snow

Getting Ready for Winter

And….the plans change once again. After spending a few wonderful restful days back in our Valley, we hit the road again. A job opportunity came up for Graham and I have tagged along for the ride. We are back on the Sunshine Coast for a few weeks. ┬áThis is where we lived before taking the leap to move to the Cariboo. We’ll have time to see my sons and their families and friends from years gone by.

We had a good dusting of snow the night before we left – maybe about 3 inches fell. Will this be THE snow that keeps everything white for the next four or five months? Or will it warm up enough again to melt this and let us see the ground again?


Getting Ready for Winter

There is a strong storm hovering over all of BC right now, which makes us glad we left when we did! The highways were quite fine to travel on although we did hit some snow along the way.