Drying Lovage and other Herbs

We have perennial herbs growing in the garden, so every year we get to enjoy harvests. We use them fresh in cooking, but we also dry the herbs to use in the winter.


This is lovage. It tastes a lot like celery but it’s stronger. Great to use in soups or stews. You can see it grows quite tall and if it gets too large for its spot, you can divide it in the Fall and end up with two plants.



hers, growing, drying, herbs

A basket full of just picked Lovage.


basil and lovage drying

I often dry herbs by snipping the leaves into shallow bowls. I let them sit on top of the woodstove and rustle them with my fingers several times a day. It doesn’t take long until they are dry enough to bag. The bowl in the upper left is basil, and the rest is lovage.



Have you tried drying your own herbs? It’s easy to do and they make everything taste so much better, it’s worth a try to start using more herbs on a daily basis.


What is Lovage?

Lovage is a wonderful plant that gets quite large. It’s a herb and you can pick the leaves to add to your dinners fresh. Lovage has a strong flavour, not unlike celery, but stronger than that. It’s great in salads with other greens, it really adds a zing. You can use it in soups and stews as well.


Grow Your Own Herbs


Since the plant grows so large, you can get a great harvest! If you like, snip the leaves into smaller pieces and then add them to a clean mason jar. Just put the seal and ring on top and tuck the jar away in your pantry. Then, whenever you feel like it, add a pinch or three to whatever is cooking on the stove.


Grow Your Own Lovage and Herbs


You can also dry the leaves whole, then follow the same instructions for storage. Be sure the leaves are fully dry before storing. Then use them whenever you like.

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