Our eBooks – a Complete List

One of our readers suggested I do a post listing each of our ebooks, thanks for the suggestion! Here it is:

Are you thinking of making a move to the country? Whether you’re wanting a 1/2 acre outside of town or 160 acres in the woods, you’ll want to know these tips to consider. Here are “15 Things to Know About Living in the Country”  – things to think about before you make the move.

This short eBook will get you thinking of the things you should look into before buying your country property.





When we first moved to the Cariboo, we got a few chickens and needed to outfit their coop. Instead of paying the bigger bucks for a galvanized feeder, here’s what Graham made from stuff we had on hand.


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Need a chicken feeder? Why pay more than $35 for a feeder at the store?

Make your own hanging chicken feeder in less than an hour for about $10.
Step by step instructions along with photos.

Get a copy of Build Your Own Hanging Chicken Feeder and save about $40!


We like wine. We grow berries. Berries make great Wine. Wild berries make awesome FREE wine. So…


make your own wine, fruit, vintner


Start creating your own wine! It’s not hard to do – follow our recipe and process to create a batch of your own. Make Your Own Saskatoon Raspberry Wine. Recipe is for a 5 gallon batch, but you can easily reduce the recipe to a 2 1/2 gallon or even a 1 gallon batch. If you enjoy wine, begin making your own. Get a batch started today and find out how easy it really is.


Since we usually raise some meat birds each year, we thought we would share our knowledge about the process.

Learn about raising your own meat! From choosing which breed of chicks to order to setting up a homemade brooder to growing them out – everything you need to know is here.

8 Pounds in 8 Weeks: Raising Day Old Chicks for the Dinner Table will explain everything you need to know.


meat birds, hens, self sufficiency, livestock

Get some meat in the freezer this year – if you raise your own, you know what is in their feed and how healthy they are.


A Guide to Selling at Farmers Market by Annie Coombe 188 278

Want to make some money from gardening this year? Grow enough for your family and for you to sell at the local Farmers Market. If you’ve got the room (hint: plant close together!) you can make some good money growing healthy fresh food for other people.

From Dirt to Dollars: A Guide to Selling at the Farmers Market will outline what you need to do. Available ONLY on this site. Includes:


What are the top money makers when it comes to vegetables?

How important are value added products?

What is the ONE most important thing to do in order to make the most money possible every week?

What are the pros and cons of attending weekly versus monthly?

Forty pages of concise information for you to follow and become successful at selling at markets, exhibitions and fairs.



There you have it – a complete list of our books available to you. Enjoy!


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8 Pounds in 8 Weeks: Raising Day Old Chicks for the Dinner Table

Ever wondered about raising some of your own meat? We find the chickens we raise taste so much better than the watery chicken we have bought at the grocery store. Once we started raising a few birds every year, we got hooked on them. Filling the freezer is pretty easy and it only takes 8 weeks from start to finish. Now, almost every year we raise a few meat birds to enjoy all year around. We keep the largest two and have them at Thanksgiving and Christmas!
meat birds, hens, self sufficiency, livestock
Since we try to raise about 85% of our own food here on our property, chickens are a no brainer. We already have hens for eggs; the hens earn their keep by cleaning up our compost and manure piles and eating bugs.
Most years, we order in about 25 chicks from an Alberta hatchery. We buy straight run, which means we order them unsexed. It doesn’t matter to us if they will be roosters on hens. We like  having the choice of smaller and larger birds. For eight weeks they live here, first in our shop (toasty and warm) and then in their own room at the barn (spacious and clean).
During the day they are enjoying sunshine, bugs and lots of fresh air while they hang out in their fenced outdoor run. Evenings we lock them back into their attached room, safe from predators. Meat birds are easy to raise and provide us with a lot of manure enriched bedding from both their room and the run. We add this to the compost and manure piles. Once it  decomposes, it becomes a fantastic fertilizer for our food gardens.
How to raise chickens to eat, raise meat birds, chicken, dinner table, livestock, farm
Want to learn about raising your own meat? The eBook includes everything from choosing which breed of chicks to order to setting up a homemade brooder to growing them out – everything you need to know is here. They can really grow out to 8 pounds in 8 weeks! Order your ebook at the link!