The Back to Basics Bundle – Grab it Now

Back to Basics Bundle Deal

The Bundle is here! I am quite excited about this new opportunity for our readers…why? The Bundle is here and on sale now!

So what is it? It’s a compilation of more than 55 ebooks, memberships, courses and more – all tied up in one pretty darn interesting package. Homesteading authors were invited to join, write an ebook or offer a course to be included in the Bundle.


Everything You Need to Know about Getting Back to the Basics!


All offered at one low price – great for getting information out there about living closer to the land, gardening, cooking, being more environmentally conscious, homeschooling and more. There are ebooks on becoming a beekeeper, getting started with goats, learning about raising chickens, frugal recipes. The list goes on.

Take a look at the author page – a huge variety of interesting information designed just for you and yours. Just a small sample of authors (after all, there are more than 60) are:

Dehydrating Mini E-Course – Jennifer and Bill Osuch from Self Reliant School

From Dirt to Dollars: A Guide to Selling at the Farmers Market (my contribution) – Annie Coombe

The Urban Chicken – from Heather Harris at the Homestead Hippy

Homestead Cooking with Carol – from Everything Home with Carol

Tips for the Beginning Beekeeper – from Karen Creel at Garden Chick

Six Dollar Family: From Six Dollars to Six Figures – from Stacy Barr at Six Dollar Family

Sustainable Lifestyle Design – from Emily Uerbergang at The Urban Ecolife

Back to Basics Homeschool MP3 Collection – from Amy Stults and Jimmy Lanley at the iHomeSchool Network

Natural Herbal Living – from Amanda Klenner at Natural Herbal Living

The Complete Book of Prepper Lists – from Joan Crain at Family-Survival-Planning

Living a Rich Life as a Stay at Home Mom – by Anita Fowler and Karen Jensen at Live Like You’re Rich


These are ONLY 11 of the offerings – there are more than 60 in total.  You will likely see familiar names (perhaps you already follow their website) and you will find many more authors (that you should be reading) who are sharing their knowledge.

There are also vendors are offering special deals and coupons. Buying the Bundle gets you ALL of these deals as well. Vendors include Better Bilt Products, EcoJarz, the Herbal Academy of New England, LPC Survival, Titan Ready USA, the Permaculture Student and there are more vendors on the list.

Over this next week, I’ll be reviewing a few of the ebook offerings. Since I was able to buy the Bundle already (because I am also an affiliate, as well as an author) I have already read several of the books and am reading my way through more.


Since the Bundle is on sale until January 24 only, grab it today!


Buy the Bundle Now




8 Pounds in 8 Weeks: Raising Day Old Chicks for the Dinner Table

meat birds, hens, self sufficiency, livestock
Our latest eBook is all about raising meat birds. If you have been reading this site for awhile, you know that almost every year we raise a few meat birds to put in our freezer.
meat birds, hens, self sufficiency, livestock
Since we try to raise about 85% of our own food here on our property, chickens are a no brainer. We already have hens for eggs; the hens earn their keep by cleaning up our compost and manure piles and eating bugs.
We do love eating chicken and most years, we order in about 25 chicks from an Alberta hatchery. For eight weeks they live here, first in our shop (toasty and warm) and then in their own room at the barn (spacious and clean).
During the day they enjoy sunshine, bugs and lots of fresh air while they are in their fenced outdoor run. Evenings they are locked back into their attached room, safe from predators. Meat birds are easy to raise and provide us with a lot of manure enriched bedding from both their room and the run. We add this to the compost and manure piles and once it has decomposed, it becomes a fantastic fertilizer for our food gardens.
raise meat birds, chicken, dinner table, livestock, farm
Want to learn about raising your own meat? The eBook includes everything from choosing which breed of chicks to order to setting up a homemade brooder to growing them out – everything you need to know is here. They can really grow out to 8 pounds in 8 weeks!