Prepper’s Pantry – a Free eBook for You

Looking around on Amazon this morning, I found what should be a good eBook and even better, it is Free today!  I’m not sure how long it will be free for, so go on over and download it while you can. It’s regularly $3.97, which is a good price, but why not get it for free now?


preppers handbook1 Preppers Pantry   a Free eBook for You

Written by Dr. Thomas Hunter, the Prepper’s Pantry is a guide for how to begin stocking your pantry. Natural disasters occur at any time, whether it’s the tornados currently wreaking havoc in the US or major earthquake possibilities right here in BC.

That old adage of keeping 72 hours worth of supplies is gone. I would recommend stocking up at least on week’s worth of supplies, a month’s worth would be even better. This eBook explains what products to buy and why to buy them.

Emergency preparedness is up to each of us. Making sure your family has a good supply of food, water and other items gives you some peace of mind over events that you cannot control.

So, get over there and download your Free copy!

Hanging Chicken Feeder eBook Free Promotion!

Tomorrow, January 27, you will be able to download our eBook “How to Make a Hanging Chicken Feeder” for FREE. I’m doing some promotions for all of my eBooks (3 of them so far) and kicking it off with a free download!


IMG 6331 300x225 Hanging Chicken Feeder eBook Free Promotion!

Remember, you don’t need a Kindle to download a Kindle eBook. You can download eBooks onto your laptop or your PC, as well as onto your Kindle device. So don’t let the fact that you don’t own a Kindle stop you.

Another bonus, this one for Amazon Prime members, is that you can borrow our eBooks anytime for FREE! Consider signing up for Prime and enjoy the benefits.

IMG 0640 copy 300x225 Hanging Chicken Feeder eBook Free Promotion!

So if 2014 is the year you are going to get chickens, download our eBook for free tomorrow! We show you step by step how to build your own Hanging Chicken Feeder. It’s easy to build and you probably even have most of the parts at home already. Instead of spending $40 or $50 at the feed store for a ready made chicken feeder, build your own for about $10.

Chickens waste a lot less feed if they use a hanging feeder, instead of one just set on the ground. Having one on the ground actually encourages waste as the chickens can throw the feed around with their beaks. Hang the feeder so they have to work harder to get at the feed. You’ll find that your feed bill is lower and that is what needs to be your focus. Lower the feed bill anyway you can. This puts more money in your jeans while you are feeding your family great quality eggs!

To get your free copy of Build a Hanging Chicken Feeder, just click on the highlighted link. Enjoy!