Wise Emergency/Hiking/Prepping Food Supply Kits – A Review

Wise Emergency Food Supplies

A month or so ago, I received an email asking if I would like to receive a supply of Wise Emergency Foods in exchange for writing a review on this site. I agreed and received a box of Wise Favorites, which is a collection of six entrees and one breakfast. Each is a serving for 2 people. Jaime and I really enjoyed the Creamy Chicken with Vegetables and Pasta, and there was more than enough for the two of us.


IMG 9068 300x225 Wise Emergency/Hiking/Prepping Food Supply Kits   A Review



IMG 9061 300x225 Wise Emergency/Hiking/Prepping Food Supply Kits   A Review

The contents: 6 entrees and 1 dessert. Each pouch serves two people.


IMG 9067 225x300 Wise Emergency/Hiking/Prepping Food Supply Kits   A Review

Each meal comes in a pouch which, once opened, becomes your pot for cooking as well as your bowl for eating from if you want. We just added two cups of boiling water, gave it a really good stir and sealed the package again. You have to be sure to have the package on a flat surface so it doesn’t spill while you are sealing it up again. Then just wait for 12 – 15 minutes, open it up and enjoy.


IMG 9069 300x225 Wise Emergency/Hiking/Prepping Food Supply Kits   A Review


Although these meals are NOT organic, they are a good idea for your emergency food supply. But that’s not all; when I saw how compact each of these meal pouches was, I realized that if you were a hiker, you could fit a lot of these pouches into your backpack. Having a fourteen day (or more) supply would not be a problem. They are lightweight too, which would be a big help.

Want to try them out? Head over to their site and ask for your free sample.

Are you concerned with emergency preparedness? We are and so are a lot of our friends. Whether you need supplies because the power is out, the road is flooded, you’ve lost your job or become sick, there WILL come a time when you need them. Be sure your family is ready for emergencies!

Prepper’s Pantry – a Free eBook for You

Free Preppers Handbook

Looking around on Amazon this morning, I found what should be a good eBook and even better, it is Free today!  I’m not sure how long it will be free for, so go on over and download it while you can. It’s regularly $3.97, which is a good price, but why not get it for free now?


preppers handbook1 Preppers Pantry   a Free eBook for You

Written by Dr. Thomas Hunter, the Prepper’s Pantry is a guide for how to begin stocking your pantry. Natural disasters occur at any time, whether it’s the tornados currently wreaking havoc in the US or major earthquake possibilities right here in BC.

That old adage of keeping 72 hours worth of supplies is gone. I would recommend stocking up at least on week’s worth of supplies, a month’s worth would be even better. This eBook explains what products to buy and why to buy them.

Emergency preparedness is up to each of us. Making sure your family has a good supply of food, water and other items gives you some peace of mind over events that you cannot control.

So, get over there and download your Free copy!