Do You Have a Back Up Plan? You Should!

We are getting used to hearing about the importance of being prepared. Whether it is a local emergency, weather related or illness, it’s always a good idea to have a stocked pantry at the very least.

Pantry Full of Food

Even better is making sure your family can stay warm inexpensively and has basic lighting needs met. You really can’t expect to be able to have a flashlight on all evening long during a power outage.

be prepared self sufficient, emergency lighting, flashlight

Having a box of candles or a hand crank flashlight is a good idea and they aren’t expensive.  Your little ones will have fun doing the cranking. Get out a board game and huddle around the kitchen table with your family. Turn power outages into fun family time; it can be done. Score bonus points by letting the kids roast marshmallows in a low burning woodstove.

But being prepared may not be enough. It’s important to have a back up plan too. Or a back up to your back up plan, if that makes sense. Always leaving as many options open as possible is important. Sometimes we think we have thought things through and are prepared, only to find that we aren’t. If you are only operating with a flashlight, what happens if you forgot to buy those extra batteries when they were on sale a few weeks ago? Having the flashlight means you are (somewhat) prepared. Forgetting to buy more batteries is a failure of the back up plan.

What if the flashlight craps out? Replace the batteries and it still doesn’t work? That is a failure of your back up plan. Try and think further along the path to be better prepared. Do you need more than one flashlight? Do you have enough batteries? Do you need a couple of flashlights AND a hand crank light?

Thinking along these lines will help you form back up plans, and back up plans for your back up plans. Think things through to figure out what might go wrong and what you will do at that point.

Here’s an example of someone who thought they had a back up plan in place. But now that plan has fallen through, and they are scrambling to find another solution. This could happen to ANY small farmer. I’m not trying to find fault with their system at all. They run a great magazine Small Farm Canada (well worth the subscription cost) and they run a viable small farm. This doesn’t make them immune to problems. We would all do well to learn from what has happened; have a back up for the back up!

So, what’s your back up plan? Check out these products in our Preppers Guide – you will find some items well worth having on hand.

Wise Emergency/Hiking/Prepping Food Supply Kits – A Review

A month or so ago, I received an email asking if I would like to receive a supply of Wise Emergency Foods in exchange for writing a review on this site. I agreed and received a box of Wise Favorites, which is a collection of six entrees and one breakfast. Each is a serving for 2 people. Jaime and I really enjoyed the Creamy Chicken with Vegetables and Pasta, and there was more than enough for the two of us.


Wise Favorites Box



Wise Favorites Box Contents

The contents: 6 entrees and 1 dessert. Each pouch serves two people.


Wise Favorites

Each meal comes in a pouch which, once opened, becomes your pot for cooking as well as your bowl for eating from if you want. We just added two cups of boiling water, gave it a really good stir and sealed the package again. You have to be sure to have the package on a flat surface so it doesn’t spill while you are sealing it up again. Then just wait for 12 – 15 minutes, open it up and enjoy.


Wise Emergency Food Supplies


Although these meals are NOT organic, they are a good idea for your emergency food supply. But that’s not all; when I saw how compact each of these meal pouches was, I realized that if you were a hiker, you could fit a lot of these pouches into your backpack. Having a fourteen day (or more) supply would not be a problem. They are lightweight too, which would be a big help.

Want to try them out? Head over to their site and ask for your free sample.

Are you concerned with emergency preparedness? We are and so are a lot of our friends. Whether you need supplies because the power is out, the road is flooded, you’ve lost your job or become sick, there WILL come a time when you need them. Be sure your family is ready for emergencies!