Flowers & Laying Hens

Hens in the Run

Here are a few pictures of what’s been blooming here in the Valley. It’s so wonderful to sit on the porch and look out at the yard. When I have time, that is, to actually sit on the porch icon smile Flowers & Laying Hens

IMG 8585 300x225 Flowers & Laying Hens

Everything looks so healthy right now. Here’s the Irises and Poppy in full bloom. These perennials are in the Pathway garden, which leads to the barn.


IMG 8587 225x300 Flowers & Laying Hens

One of our apple trees. This year, it seems to have recovered from the deer nibbling on it. We’re going to have to put wire cages around them, I think.

IMG 8588 225x300 Flowers & Laying Hens

This Virginia Creeper is one of my favourite plans here. Right now, it’s a beautiful green and as the Fall comes, it slowly turns gold and red. It’s so pretty. It comes back every year and I never prune it, it’s probably the lowest maintenance plant in the yard.


IMG 8589 300x225 Flowers & Laying Hens

Our new laying hens are finally here and they are laying! How wonderful to have chickens again after a couple of years with no chooks. We had hens every year since we moved here in 2006 and we were missing both the hens and the eggs.


IMG 8590 300x225 Flowers & Laying Hens

Soon we will put up temporary fencing so they can get out and explore in the afternoons. Since they haven’t been here long, we are keeping them in their run for now.


IMG 8558 225x300 Flowers & Laying Hens

The two Highbush Cranberries are blooming.


IMG 8559 300x225 Flowers & Laying Hens

One of the perennial beds under the porch. That’s a delphinium in the background, iris and columbine closer to the front. Next post will be veggie pictures! Our days are still pretty busy here but I can already tell the lawn doesn’t need to be mowed as often. We don’t water the yard in the summer, but will just let it go brown. It will come back again.

The Madness that is our Porch

Hanging Flower Basket

We are busting out all over, it seems. Take a look at what our porch looked like earlier today. We’ve been really busy in the gardens and have had containers of plants ready for transplanting sitting on the porch waiting a long time.


IMG 8529 300x225 The Madness that is our Porch

Kind of looks like a bomb went off. It’s a pretty bomb, but nevertheless. Jaime’s busy potting up stray transplants, we ended the day with quite a few more pots.


IMG 8530 300x225 The Madness that is our Porch

We’ve got a few hanging baskets and herbs in pots. Also columbines in pots. Don’t forget the petunias in pots.


IMG 8531 300x225 The Madness that is our Porch

That bucket in the picture is full of manure tea.


IMG 8532 300x225 The Madness that is our Porch

I’ve put three good shovelfuls of composted manure into a five gallon pail and then filled it with water. A few days later (after it steeps) we start using it to fertilize our hanging baskets. If you can’t find composted manure from a farm, you can buy manure tea makings.

sheep manure tea The Madness that is our Porch

By the end of our workday today, it is looking MUCH better on the porch. Here are a couple of pictures of the “after”

IMG 8534 300x225 The Madness that is our Porch

One of the hanging baskets ready to go to market tomorrow.


IMG 8543 225x300 The Madness that is our Porch

There’s some colour there already and in another month, these pots will look fantastic!


IMG 8545 225x300 The Madness that is our Porch


Parsley grows in tubs in a wicker basket, with lobelia, geraniums and other flower below.  Everything is swept up, a couple of windows got washed and the view onto the porch is looking a lot better this afternoon.