How Big of a Container Does a Pepper Plant Really Need?

When planting peppers in containers, just how big does the container need to be?

IMG 4547 300x225 How Big of a Container Does a Pepper Plant Really Need?

We start our peppers in Styrofoam cups (that we reuse many times – just be sure to wash them out well).  I like to let them get nice and rootbound before transplanting them into larger pots. Sometimes, we plant the peppers right into the ground in the greenhouse.


IMG 4578 300x225 How Big of a Container Does a Pepper Plant Really Need?

These peppers above have been transplanted from the Styrofoam cup right into the ground.


IMG 4548 300x225 How Big of a Container Does a Pepper Plant Really Need?

These peppers have been transplanted from the cups into 2 gallon pots. Lots of room there to grow nice and big!


peppers on porch May 26 08 300x225 How Big of a Container Does a Pepper Plant Really Need?

I like to have a few on the porch, because pepper plants are so beautiful when they’re nice and healthy. These are smaller than 2 gallon pots, but still lots of room for them to grow.


IMG 3132 225x300 How Big of a Container Does a Pepper Plant Really Need?

Fruiting peppers in the greenhouse. We run drip hose around the plants and put the watering on a timer, which saves us a lot of time every day. This year ALL the peppers will be in pots, as we will need room in the Greenhouse to grow pole beans.

You can see that peppers can be put into containers of all sizes. Since peppers crave sun and heat, be sure to put them outside in those conditions. If you’ve got a concrete retaining wall, walkway or patio, put a few pots of peppers on the concrete. They will love and appreciate the extra heat being soaked up by the sun hitting the concrete.

One year, I ran out of room putting peppers in the ground in the greenhouse. I had a few Styrofoam cups with pepper plants left over, which I left on the table. I just watered the cups every day while I was checking out the rest of the veggies. Here’s a picture of the end result!


IMG 4895 300x225 How Big of a Container Does a Pepper Plant Really Need?

There’s 3 peppers on each of those plants and they even turned colour! So, you see, you don’t need to plant peppers in huge pots!


pepper book How Big of a Container Does a Pepper Plant Really Need?

This year, we are determined to harvest a lot of peppers that we can sell at the Farmer’s Market. The leftovers will be preserved by dehydrating, pickling and maybe even turning into jelly. If you’re also growing lots of peppers (or you find a great deal at a farm stand) you may want to look through this book. Filled with over 200 Pepper recipes, you’ll find appetizer, soup, salad recipes and more.


The First Snow

It’s here. Not a lot of snow has fallen yet, but there is definitely a dusting all over the yard. 15 Centimeters are expected by the end of today so Graham is busy getting the tarp over the Greenhouse.


IMG 7964 300x225 The First Snow


I spent a couple of hours late yesterday afternoon, getting the main gardens finished and running around picking up garden tools and cleaning up around the barn area. Here’s what the yard looked like late yesterday afternoon. The work is mostly done and at the very least, mulching is done and tools are picked up.


IMG 7962 300x225 The First Snow


It’s really important for anyone living in the Cariboo to get their tools picked up, cleaned and put away for the Winter. There is a real danger here of losing items because they are buried under snow – if we didn’t clean up, we might find the tools until April.

This summer, we had a friend hay the pasture of our property next door. He mentioned that he managed to get quite a bit of the thatch picked up – that’s the dead straw that has been laying on the ground for the last couple of years. When I told him I needed straw for mulching, he brought me over a round bale of really bad hay. We dropped it in the garden and I unrolled it and spread it out on the lower garden. I also used it to mulch the garlic beds.  In years past, we have used composted horse manure, but this year, with Graham away working so much I just couldn’t get enough to amend the entire garden.


IMG 7963 300x225 The First Snow


What manure I did get was used in the new garlic beds, before planting. In the last couple of days, I have mulched all the garlic beds with the hay from that round bale. I was happy to see hardly any seed heads on that hay, because I don’t want to end up doing even more weeding next year.

I’ve laid black plastic around the edges of the new beds and I may put gravel down. I need to come up with something for these border areas, so I don’t have to even think about weeding them next year. As the years go by, we are really trying to move to a low maintenance yard. Even with that in mind, there is always a lot of work to do when you have property, so every bit of time saved is a good thing.


IMG 7965 300x225 The First Snow


Here’s what we woke up to this morning and we are pretty much ready for it. You can see Graham in the picture putting the tarp over the Greenhouse. This has worked so well for us! We only have 6 ml plastic on that greenhouse and we fully expected to have to change it out after a couple of years. However, with that tarp on there every Winter, the plastic has stood up and it’s been 5 or 6 years now!

We weigh down the tarp with the black plastic milk jugs – the same ones that we use during Spring to add extra heat at the end of the day for our seedlings inside. I just spray paint the jugs black and they heat up during the day and release that heat in the evening, when the outdoor temperatures start dipping.


IMG 7652 225x300 The First Snow


If you want to build a Greenhouse for next year, here is a great resource book. Reading it before you build will help you build the best greenhouse for your needs and your location.