Wordless Wednesday – Our Garden Harvests














Random Pictures of Busy Busy Days

We have been hopping here in the Valley. Sure, we take the time to sit on the porch and just relax, but our days are quite full. It’s a busy time of the year here, the Garden is producing like mad (a good thing).

I’ll get back to writing regular posts just as soon as I can. Until then, please bear with us – our fingers are busy doing other things than typing, it seems!

goats, milking, milk

The Gman looked after our friends place for a little while while they were away. We had lots of goat milk for awhile!

We’ve been eating different salad combinations for quite a while now. Here’s one with freshly dug Garlic, our own Blueberries and Raspberries, fresh Garden Peas and lots of different Greens. It was Delicious!


We’ve been picking and enjoying our Cherry Tomatoes. I have cut the tops off all my plants now, so that the plant can concentrate on the fruit already on there.

Enjoy your day, remember, every day is a gift – use it wisely and be Happy!