How Much Wood Can Annie Chuck?


How Much Wood Can Annie Chuck, if Annie Could Chuck Wood?


Well, I can and I did.



We’re stuck with our current woodroom location for this year – we would rather it be closer to the house, but that project will have to wait.

When we moved here in 2006, there was a small woodroom already here on the far side of the driveway, used by the previous owners. We enlarged it to about double the size. We have found that in a very cold winter here, we use just over half of the total wood stored here. The room holds about 6 cords, so that  means we use around 3 cords or so.

We only use electric heat when the weather gets really cold here, about -20C. That is when we turn on a few heaters down in the basement, to keep water lines from freezing. Aside from that, we heat solely with wood. It’s a wonderful warm heat and it’s free to us as there is so much dead wood in the forests here.

Each year we like to fill the woodroom completely, so that we are assured of having two Winters worth of wood. This gives us some peace of mind, in case something should happen and we can’t get out to gather wood. The very first Winter we were here, Graham hurt his back, which put him out of commission for a couple of months.

As soon as he started feeling better, I slipped on some ice (where was I going? To get firewood from the wood room!) and badly sprained my arm. We quickly learned that things can go wrong and we are better off being more prepared in the first place!



So, for now we still have to go across the driveway to get wood for the stove. Graham built a rack in our mud room. Now we can fill that up all at one time, instead of going across the driveway every single day. It takes about 10 wheelbarrows full of wood to fill our mud room.




He took the back porch railing off, so we don’t have to climb the stairs with each load.



We just chuck it in the door instead!  Then I scamper over the pile and start stacking.



One day we will build a new woodroom and have it in a better location. It would be great to have it closer to the house. For now, we’re sticking with what we already have. Filling up the two rows in our mudroom gives us enough wood for 2 weeks in very cold weather. That’s a good thing.

Cleaning out Dead Wood

trees 1

Although our woodroom now holds enough to see us through until next summer, I’ve been asking Graham to take down just 1 more tree.


Heating with Wood

Can you tell which one is the one I want down?



Heating with Wood

This Spruce has been dead for a few years now and since we still have some room on our wood stacks, it’s time for this one to come down. I don’t really like having to see it when we’re sitting on the porch. So, Graham got out his chainsaw and got to it.


How to Heat Your Home

Cutting and watching…


Spacing Your Woodlot

Graham limbed and bucked the tree, and I brought the loads up to the woodroom using our utility trailer behind the quad. Since the tree was standing dead, the wood is bone dry and we can use it right away for heat if we like.

If you want to read more about how we heat with wood, here’s a link. If you’re new to woodland management, here’s a good resource book.