Saskatoon Raspberry Wine – Our eBook

Saskatoon Berries

We have finally finished writing our first eBook on making wine!


July 25 131 225x300 Saskatoon Raspberry Wine   Our eBook


We’ve made a blended Saskatoon Raspberry wine for the last three or four years and it is easily our favourite homemade wine to sip on. This year, we were able to put up a 5 gallon batch, as the wild berry season here was so incredibly heavy this year.


MakingWildWine Saskatoon Raspberry Cover for eBook 187x300 Saskatoon Raspberry Wine   Our eBook


So if you like to make your own wine, take a look at this eBook. It’s been written for beginning wine makers so the whole process is covered, from crushing the berries to bottling the finished product.

This eBook is going to be FREE from midnight EST Saturday night to 12 noon EST Sunday. Spread the word! After the opening promotion, this eBook will be .99  still a really good deal!

Saskatoon Berries

Saskatoons July 25 13

The native Saskatoon berry bushes up here in the Cariboo are ready for picking. The bushes are absolutely loaded this year, and I’m hoping to get lots put in the freezer.

July 25 13 2 300x225 Saskatoon Berries


This is the Saskatoon bush to the right of our Greenhouse. I’ve been watering it the odd time but the other bushes are doing great with all the rain we had last month.


July 25 13 225x300 Saskatoon Berries


It would be great to make some Saskatoon Raspberry wine again this year. We have lots of bushes on our property, but I’ll pick along roadsides too.