Bottling Wine


We’re heading out next week for a road trip. We’ll be making our way to Southern California for a little while. The temperatures here in the Valley have warmed up and the roads are no longer covered in a good layer of hard packed snow.

That may mean spring breakup could soon be here – it could also just be a blip in the Winter. Maybe by next week the temperature will have dropped again and another two feet of snow will be on the ground. That wouldn’t be a bad thing. We have had a fairly mild Winter here and we could use more snow to keep the forests wetter during the coming Summer.


mud season, muddy boots


There’s no “season” around here that we like less. Mud season is too….well, muddy. Everything is wet, our boots have mud caked on the soles and it’s a time of year when we like to get away.


I’ve been busy doing some last minute things – we’ve got someone staying here while we are away, so there are notes to write and things to arrange.



red wine, make your own wine, make my own wine, how to make wine, country living in a cariboo valley


I got a batch of Barolo bottled today.


red wine, make your own wine, make my own wine, how to make wine, country living in a cariboo valley


I also got the Merlot bottled. Every once in a while, one of our local stores puts their Wine kits on sale at a really great price. When that happens, we like to buy a few kits and tuck the wine away for special dinners.

We make a lot of Wild Wine here as well – Dandelion, Parsley, Rhubarb, Saskatoon are some of them.  If you want to read about  how to make your own Rhubarb Wine, here’s a link.

I’m off to start packing!

The Veggie Garden and Berry Beds…and More Rhubarb



vegetable, garden, veggies

Here’s our Garden – it’s been nice and hot the last few days which is sorely needed. On the left going from closest to farthest:

cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Radish, Lettuce, Peas, more Peas, broccoli Spinach, Chard, Beets, Turnip, more Lettuce.

On the right going from closest to farthest:

Onions, Carrots, Green Beans, Potatoes

The cool weather crops are doing great. Lettuce and Spinach has been fantastic and the Radishes are huge and delicious.

berries, greenhouse

Here’s the Berry Beds and the Greenhouse – can you see the new gravel pathway we are putting in? We’re very happy with it and hoping in the next few days to work on the next portion. The pathway will run all the way down to the Barn. It will make it a lot easier and cleaner next year during mud season.

From the left are the onion mentioned above, to the right of them are the Strawberries. We have three separate beds for them. That white cloth is Remay and it is protecting the corn I have growing there. It’s very small and yet it has cobs. This is the corn that I got from the fellow in Oregon and it’s one of our experiments this year. It is very difficult to grow corn here outside and yet we are trying. The wet cool Spring has not helped the corn, we will see how it turns out.

On the right is the Garlic – over 400 plants as we love Garlic. It’s often served roasted nightly here right alongside the vegetables of the night. To the right of the Garlic are 2 Highbush Cranberry bushes. They have lots of flowers on them right now, so we are hoping for many Cranberries this Fall.

On the far right are the Raspberries. Right now we have  three rows, but I do keep expanding it by 1 row a year it seems. You can never have too many Raspberries, can you?

rhubarb, wine

On talking with the neighbours a couple of days ago, we learned they had a lot of Rhubarb they weren’t going to use. So I went over today and harvested it and tonight we worked on Rhubarb Wine again.


We got a total weight of 40 pounds of Rhubarb today. I diced some into 2 cup measures and put them in Ziplocks. We’ll use them for Rhubarb/Saskatoon pie or muffins. 

The Saskatoon Berry bushes are looking quite healthy with lots of berries. I am hoping for a fantastic Berry year because of all the rain this Spring. We are wanting some Saskatoon Jelly!