More Malarkey from Monsanto

GMO, Agent Orange, Roundup

My word, Monsanto can spin things faster than a dreidel on a table in December! Anything for their bottom line. An early November article on Ecowatch  outlines the biggest from the spinmasters at Monsanto.

8 Myths about Pesticides that Monsanto Wants You to Believe details some of the silliest and illogical misconceptions about pesticides. Really? If pesticides aren’t that bad for you, why does the farm worker look like he is going on a moon walking mission when he is spraying?

Don’t bother trying to explain that it’s because it IS bad for the worker if it is being handled in a large volume. That’s ridiculous…if it’s bad in huge volume, does it somehow miracously become safe when we buy that vegetable at the store? How?

As more and more people begin to put pressure on companies like Monsanto and Syngenta they are going to have to change the way they do things. Or maybe Monsanto will just try again to buy Syngenta and take them out. And by change, I mean more than just buying up organic companies! Talk about playing both sides of the fence.

Let’s not forget how many people sitting in US government were once on the payroll at Monsanto. Clarence Thomas, from the Supreme Court? Here’s an infographic with thanks to that lists just a few more.


GMO, Agent Orange, Roundup

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Become aware with what is happening with our food supply – it is vitally important. Read our past articles about the dangers of Monsanto and please share this post.

Read this easy explanation of what Monsanto is doing to farmers all over the world – doesn’t make much sense how they get away with it, does it?


Monsanto – a Great Easy Explanation!


The actions of Monsanto can be really quite hard to understand. They like it that way. They do a lot of “double talk” which ends up confusing people. They like to keep it under wraps that many former employees (the ones up high in management) are now working (high up) in the government.  They like to keep it under wraps that they do things like change Agent Orange (which killed a lot of soldiers in Vietnam) a little bit, then repackage it and call it Round Up!

I saw this the other day on Facebook. I love the ease of this definition. The writer is talking about the wind drift – that is, one field Roundup Ready sprayed and the field next door left natural and organic. I have read of farmers whose farm has been in the family for Hundreds of years, every year saving their seed for planting the following year. Then, along comes a Roundup Ready field next door and before they know it, their seed has been contaminated. Goodbye, seed!


Monsanto purple paint

We should ALL be learning more about Monsanto and what they have done to us. It’s not only done to the farmers – if you eat food, they have harmed you to. Pay attention to what you are feeding your children. Pay attention to what your children are feeding to your grandchildren.

Learn more about Monsanto by reading….here’s a good book. It’s available on Amazon, in both Kindle or paperback format:

The World According to Monsanto

The World According to Monsanto explains how Monsanto controls the majority of corn and soy in the world and it is full of stuff that is SO BAD for you and your family to be eating.

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