Is This How Your Chicken Gets Delivered to Your Plate?

Bringing Meat Birds to Slaughter

The other day, I posted an article that appeared in the New York Times. It was about the terrible conditions of many commercial chicken factories.

Here are a few pictures I took when we were driving home from Southern California a couple of years ago. Talk about a picture being worth a thousand words. Click on the pictures to see close up the conditions of your meat when it is being taken to the kill farm.

We were stopped at one of the rest stops along the I5 highway and the driver of this truck stopped as well. Check out his load.


slaughterin meat birds, chicken transport, grocery store chicken, country living in a cariboo valley


slaughtering meat birds, chicken transport, grocery store chicken, country living in a cariboo valley

Click on the picture to enlarge it and you can see these meat birds don’t look healthy. Think of the stress for the birds when they are taken off to slaughter.


slaughtering meat birds, chicken transport, grocery store chicken, country living in a cariboo valley


Some of them have mangled legs. Compare this picture with the next one.


raising meat birds, grow your own meat, country living in a cariboo valley


When we raise meat birds here in the Valley, they have access to a fenced in yard so they can get outside in the sunshine and fresh air.

When we slaughter a chicken, it is gently picked up and carried to the chopping block. There’s usually some petting going on as we’re holding them. When they die, they have had no pressure or stress beforehand. Think about how much better our chickens must taste, compared to the ones jammed in crates, exposed to the weather for hours and then getting whacked.

It seems cruel to me to transport crates of tightly packed birds off to slaughter. I think chickens deserve more respect than that. Don’t you?

If you are new to raising meat birds, you can read all of our posts about it. We have included the slaughter and processing of meat birds as well.






Homegrown Chicken Dinner

Raise your own meat birds

You know what I love? Roasted chicken for dinner.


Raise your own meat birds

Roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and frozen garden peas. We use a really good quality roasting pan; it’s a one time investment and we use it a lot.


peas in bowl

I’d rather have the peas fresh, but it’s not even the middle of April yet so I am content with frozen fresh peas from last year. Our homegrown peas taste much better than those bags of frozen peas at the grocery store.


Roasting one of our own meat birds

It’s always a treat when we cook one of our homegrown chicken. Although we part quite a few of the birds out (so we can have packages of breasts or thighs) we always leave several to cook as roasters. Before putting it in the oven, we rub the bird with melted butter then sprinkle it with salt and pepper. It’s especially good with a good sized sprig of Rosemary laid across its body so if you have some, use it.


Raise your own meat birds

It’s always so delicious, no matter what time of year we take one from the deep freezer.


Raise your own meat

We make broth from the juices and use it to make a pot of chicken soup. It’s an inexpensive meal and, coupled with some bread and a salad, it makes a healthy dinner. A nice sized meat bird can feed a family of 4 for 4 meals if you use your imagination. There are lots of recipes that use sliced or diced pieces of chicken.

Meat birds are great! We buy day old Cornish Giants and raise them for 8 weeks. We’re thinking of doing a few birds this year, but we haven’t made a final decision on it. You can read about our raising meat birds here if you like.