Finishing the Gable Ends at the Shop

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It seems amazing to us, but the exterior of Graham’s shop is almost finished. The end is close at hand and we’re really happy about that. It’s been a multiyear project, but one that will pay off for the rest of our lives here in the Valley. Eventually, Graham wants to run a hydraulic business from this shop.

IMG 7926 300x225 Finishing the Gable Ends at the Shop


This is the side that faces the road. Graham has built scaffolding from wood in order to get up there to get the gable end finished. He uses a brad nailer to put the shingles on and that nailer has seen a lot of work. They are fantastic for making a big job much easier!

Those doors slide open and closed. Right now, they are made from OSB, but eventually Graham would like to change that and have something better looking in it’s place. The doors are really easy to slide open, I have no problem getting them to move along that track.



IMG 7929 300x225 Finishing the Gable Ends at the Shop


The other gable end was finished last year and finally Graham has been able to get this gable end taken care of. As we all know, it’s hard to work at work and work on the homestead at the same time! We’re just taking a bite out of several projects and being satisfied by how far we can get.


IMG 7928 300x225 Finishing the Gable Ends at the Shop

I took these pictures while he was still working on the gable, but now he has the trim boards, fascia, soffits and the shingles done.


IMG 6464 300x225 Finishing the Gable Ends at the Shop

This is a picture of the back side. The side wall soffits still need to be boxed in and finished and you can see that in the picture above.  But we are getting very close to having the whole exterior done and that will be fantastic to have that part of the project off the list!

IMG 7932 300x225 Finishing the Gable Ends at the Shop


The builder – he looks happy, doesn’t he?


IMG 7934 300x225 Finishing the Gable Ends at the Shop

Me? I’m so glad to take down my “shingle line”! If I don’t see another unstained shingle until next year, that will be fine by me!



A handy way to dry painted shingles

No, I don’t have them, I am staining them. I’m trying to get an hour a day in up at the Shop, staining all the remaining shingles piled in there.


IMG 6435 300x225 Shingles


We’ve got 3 full bundles plus about 1/2 a bundle. Graham figures we will need almost all of them to finish off the last gable end – we had thought this job would have been long over. Guess someone has been delaying doing the work….hmmm, wonder who that is?


IMG 6438 300x225 Shingles


This is an awesome handy way to work with shingles. I am wearing latex gloves to do the staining and Graham strung a line for me the length of the shop. I’m using clothespins to hang the shingles to dry.



IMG 6439 300x225 Shingles


Since I don’t ever want to have to stain the shingles again I am giving both sides two coats of stain. I’m hoping they won’t need redoing for a long time!


IMG 6445 300x225 Shingles


Here’s the back side of the Shop, while we were finishing off that gable end. The remaining front wall will take a bit more work. Graham has to take down the steel bar that holds the big swinging doors, then we have to put the siding on, finish the gable and add siding to the OSB doors. It would be nice to get it all done this Fall and hopefully that will happen. This Shop is taking a long time to get finished!

Building your own house or shop takes a lot of time and a lot of work – worth it, though, in the end. Read more about the Shop we are building, if you like.