The First of the Seeds Have Been Planted

About two weeks ago, Jaime started the very first of the seeds. She seeded all of the peppers, except for the Jalapenos, which were seeded late last week. This year, since we are planning on taking a table at the local Farmer’s Market, we will be starting more seeds than usual. At the end of May, we are hoping to sell seedlings (including some of these peppers).


1932160 10153817078625291 1051045799 n 300x225 The First of the Seeds Have Been Planted

Here’s the setup we have in the basement; great for starting lots of seedlings with some extra warmth and light. We have lots of lights in the room and one by one, they will be turned on once the first seedling trays have been slid under them.


IMG 0433 300x225 The First of the Seeds Have Been Planted

This picture was taken in 2009, since then we’ve done a lot of work in that room, painting and plumbing so we could add a sink which has been a big help.


Peppers are up Feb 14 225x300 The First of the Seeds Have Been Planted

Here’s the first of the peppers coming up. There are 2 seeds planted in each cup and later, after they’ve grown, we’ll transplant them into their own pot. We are going to be growing all the peppers in the greenhouse. Since our evenings get cool even in the middle of summer, it’s a safer bet to just keep them in the greenhouse all season long.


1938119 10153831682695291 580236030 n 225x300 The First of the Seeds Have Been Planted

Here’s a picture from just a few days ago. The peppers are doing great. We have had a great germination rate and so we’ll be doing a lot of transplanting in a few weeks. That’s OK, as we want lots of pepper plants growing this year.


IMG 3132 225x300 The First of the Seeds Have Been Planted

We’re doing both hot and sweet peppers, including Habaneros, Red Cayenne, Banana, California Wonder, Purple Bell and a few others.


last batch of peppers 225x300 The First of the Seeds Have Been Planted

We’ve got a few good ideas for preserving any left over peppers this year. We will likely pickle a few jars, then make jellies with the rest of them. We’ll dehydrate some too. Are you growing peppers this year? What varieties are you going with?

Starting Seeds



Starting seeds is always a sure sign that Spring is either here or it’s right around the corner. This year I will be doing a lot of direct seeding right into the garden, as the garden soil is dry already. Seems odd for so early in the year, but I will go with it.

 Starting Seeds


The 2012 box of seeds. There is a mix of seeds I gathered myself from previous years and also some that I bought at the store.


 Starting Seeds


I reuse styrofoam cups over and over again. I still use the ones I brought here in 2006 and I’ve added more over the years.


 Starting Seeds


 I reuse all those trays that grocery store meat comes on. They are handy especially for putting in the windowsill during the day, as the trays are narrow.


 Starting Seeds



 Starting Seeds


Here’s a picture of my set up. I’ve got the heat on in the room and before long, I’ll be putting an oscillating fan in the room. The fan will help stir the air and also strengthen the stems of the seedings.

I have greenhouse covers on a few of the trays, but you don’t need them. If I use them, I like to spray the inside of the cover with water from a misting bottle. Put the lids back on and it has a greenhouse effect on the seedlings.


 Starting Seeds


As always, the Inspirational Plaque is set behind the seedlings to threaten encourage them to grow.

I find that although I may start out with full trays (and then not need to label them seperately) I do find myself moving cups from one flat to another, depending on room, light and other variables. So I label each cup so that I will always know what is what.