What’s Growing?

We have lift off on the few seeds that I have started for the season. Five different kinds of peppers and four different kinds of tomatoes. Today I am starting parsley, the plan being to again make a small batch of parsley wine later this year.


non GMO

All the seeds are heirloom and I’m growing such a variety of them because we want to save seed from each of them. The peppers and the tomatoes will be planted in the greenhouse, once it is warm enough. They likely won’t move to their new home until the beginning of June, as we have such cold night temperatures here.


Heirloom Tomatoes

I’ve had to start them without the lights, unlike past years. They did a LOT better when they had their own room.


Sweet and Hot Peppers

This year they are upstairs with us, hanging about near the windows where they can get the most light. When they get a little bigger I will transplant each into their own pot. A few years ago, I forgot to transplant 3 pepper plants into the greenhouse and here’s proof you can grow peppers in little pots.

There is a lot of yardwork to be done around here, raking and cleaning up all the flower beds. I am working on raking the worst of the lawn area, pulling up the dead grass. I have had the chickens give me a great head start with this, as they have been roaming around scratching at whatever they can find. They were doing too good of a job and starting to be a nuisance in the flower beds which is a bit dangerous at this time of year. Now they have temporary fencing set up for them, so they have the run of the grass down between their coop and the animal garden. Plenty of space for 11 girls to find something to do and eat and they are out of my hair, so to speak.

Planting the First Seeds of the Season Today

It has begun. Although my garden will be quite a bit smaller this year (although honestly, it’s still a pretty big space), I still need to get a lot of transplants started indoors. Want to read about our past seeding adventures? For this year, half of the main garden has been planted in garlic, so I have half the space I normally do for growing our food.


Peppers and Flowers

Peppers from last year above….

Jaime’s gone off to college so it’s back to the two of us…so we will use less fresh greens than last year. I do want to stock the cold room up with home canned food though. We are out of green beans and I will want to store carrots again. Some things can be started in the garden, like all the leafy greens, carrots, beets and lots others. Some need a head start inside where it’s warm. Tomatoes, peppers, cabbage (yes really), broccoli, cauliflower etc get started inside either because they need the warmth or they need the head start due to our shorter growing season here in the Cariboo.

I got started today and seeded all the peppers – here’s what I have going:


Yolo Wonder Sweet – 8

Long Red Cayenne – 4

California Wonder – 6

Marion’s Red Hots – 4 (named for Marion, because none of us remember what they really are!)

Habanero – 4

Sweet Green Bell – 6

Jalapeno – 4

Instead of using the little 4 packs for my seeds, I like to start them in either Styrofoam cups or red solo cups. I can let them start to get rootbound before I have to transplant them into the garden. I use the regular seedling trays with drain holes (important!) and they hold 18 cups. I have the covers used as the bottoms so that any water that runs out of the tray holes ends up  in the covers below.



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