Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

It’s July 1 and that means it is Canada Day for all us northern dwellers. How are YOU spending the holiday? We’ll be at the local lake later this afternoon for some good eats and wonderful visits with friends and neighbours. That’s after a morning of chores done around the homestead; Graham is hoping to get out to the rake the hay he cut the other day. I’m hoping to get an hour or two in the garden pulling weeds!

Happy Canada Day!

However you spend your holiday, our wish for all of you is a coming year of only happiness, great health and times spent with the ones you love. Enjoy your day!

The Five “W’s” – Spring Chores

Porch Time!

My days are really full right now with lots of outside stuff going  on. I finally have the garden planted, after a series of mishaps earlier this year. Although I am late getting things in the ground, we should still have a very good harvest later on. Things grow quick in the Cariboo. Here’s what I’m working on, every day, in one form or another.


Our garden June 10


Weeding – Who doesn’t dislike weeding? I am continually trying to stay one step ahead, but so far the weeds are still winning. I am not seeing much chickweed this year (yet). I’m thinking that all those hours put in last year with Jaime and I pulling chickweed together has really slowed that stuff down. A good thing. I’m putting in at least two hours daily on weeding, whether it’s in one of the garlic beds, the veggie beds or the flower beds. The more time I spend now pulling weeds, the better it should be come July and August.

Watering – Lots of watering going on here right now. It has been really dry and hot for the last week, so extra water is needed. Plus I still have little seedlings emerging that I don’t want drying out. Not everything here is on a sprinkler, so I’m carving out some time to get extra water onto everything. Standing at the end of a hose is never a bad thing – I can take some time and look around and all the beautiful things going on right now in the Valley. Standing at the end of a hose while holding a homemade beer is even better!

Weedwhacking – It seems these days if I’m not riding the John Deere to get the lawn cut, I’m pulling out the Stihl and weedwhacking. The lawn should be slowing down soon because of the high temperatures, but there will always be weedwhacking on my list. Since we’ve got pigs this year (more to come!) I need to be sure the grassline under the electric fence is short. Don’t want the fence shorting out on a piece of grass – we have to keep those piggies contained. In a couple weeks, they’ll be turned out onto a bigger pasture but for now they are in the Animal Garden.

Getting Wood in – We’ve barely started this chore. Graham’s taken down a few trees and bucked them up. I need to keep working on getting the wood over to the splitter. Then we can start splitting and stacking. We like to stay at least a year ahead  – this winter we will be burning the wood we got last year. The wood we get in this year will be used next year. It would be great to keep three years worth of wood all the time.


Rhubarb Harvest

Wine – It’s that time of year. If we’re not making it, we’re maintaining berries and fruits. I have already started harvesting rhubarb and getting it in the freezer. A lot of it will go towards wine, but we will definitely have more than enough for wonderful pies and fruit crisps. I have a batch of Dandelion wine going right now, next up will be Rhubarb, then move onto to Saskatoon Raspberry.


Porch Time!

It’s a good thing I spend late afternoon on the porch, usually with a beer in hand. An hour or so of relaxation after all that work is my reward for the day!