Low Impact Lawn Mowing?

In all the years I have been cutting lawns, I have always used either a gas or an electric mower. I found electric mowers are a pain because I had to keep fiddling around with the cord, making sure it wasn’t in the path of the mower. Have you ever ran over the electrical cord when the mower is running? I have and the cut off piece of cord went flying, screaming past my head. A person could get hurt pretty easily; a slap in the face from a racing cord would do a lot of damage.


IMG 0521 300x225 Low Impact Lawn Mowing?

In the last years, I have used my John Deer tractor. Every year, Graham keeps threatening to buy a brand new mower and every year, I have been able to sidestep the conversation. He does maintenance regularly and John just keeps running along. I like John just fine and don’t see the need to replace him.


reel mower Low Impact Lawn Mowing?

I have a small area between the greenhouse and the berry bed and although I can use John to cut the grass there, it’s a little tight. I’d like one of those reel mowers, like the ones they used to have in the past. There’s no noise except the clacking of the reel and there’s no gas tank to fill. It’s better for the environment and it would keep me in better shape too as it’d be a good workout.

If you’ve used one in the past, please leave a comment and let me know if you liked it. Or hated it. I would think they would be great for small lawns, but for a larger lawn, I’m not sure. Maybe a person would mow a bit one day and move on the next?

Freezing Lemon Juice

A little while ago, I wrote about how much we love freshly squeezed juice. We brought back lots of bags of grapefruits, oranges and lemons from California. A few bags are in the cold room, a few bags have already been juiced and drank and still others have been given away to friends.

IMG 8393 300x225 Freezing Lemon Juice

Today, I juiced up the last of the lemons – 2 bags, each weighing 5 pounds.


IMG 8395 300x225 Freezing Lemon Juice

I poured the juice into clean mason jars, put on a seal and a ring and then put each one in the upright freezer.


IMG 8396 300x225 Freezing Lemon Juice

Now, when I want some lemon juice for either a drink or to include in a recipe (we love lemon chicken!) then I can just pull a jar out of the freezer and move it into the fridge.


IMG 8397 300x225 Freezing Lemon Juice

Here’s the finished result – leave more headspace than usual in the jars so the glass doesn’t break when the juice freezes. That small pint jar on the right will be going straight into the fridge. I’ll use that one up first, so I could fill it all the way to the top.