Happy Canada Day!

It’s the first of July and all Canucks know what that means….it’s Canada Day!


Canada day

Whatever you are up to today, whether it’s joining friends or family to celebrate or spending time fishing or eating poutine (!)  enjoy your holiday today!

There is an annual celebration held at the lake close to our home – we are hopeful that we can get down there once our chores are done. At 3pm we all rise from our lawn chairs, face the lake and sing the national anthem together. Ahh, traditions, that’s what makes holidays even more special, eh?

Handy Hand Tool Storage

Normally I don’t consider myself a very organized person. But, one thing that really frustrates me is when I go looking for my hand trowel or hand shovel in my usual storage spot and finding it NOT THERE. That really bugs me and the more I have to walk around the property looking for the needed tool, the more frustrated I get.

It doesn’t help that Graham and I both work in the garden and work with the same tools. So really when I need the hand trowel, who knows where the heck it is?

Here’s what I am going to do. I saw something like this on Pinterest and thought it was a fantastic idea! Just get a mailbox, attach it to a post in the garden and boom – automatic hand tool storage!


Country Style Mailbox

I could use any old mailbox, but I want a decorated one like this one – I love this country looking mailbox.

So, once it is put into place in the garden, it will just be a matter of both of us getting used to using a tool and then putting it back. Where. It. Belongs. In. The. Mailbox.

No more searching through the garden to find small hand tools. As long as we put things back where they belong, it should be easy (and less frustrating).


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