Freezing Lemon Juice

A little while ago, I wrote about how much we love freshly squeezed juice. We brought back lots of bags of grapefruits, oranges and lemons from California. A few bags are in the cold room, a few bags have already been juiced and drank and still others have been given away to friends.

IMG 8393 300x225 Freezing Lemon Juice

Today, I juiced up the last of the lemons – 2 bags, each weighing 5 pounds.


IMG 8395 300x225 Freezing Lemon Juice

I poured the juice into clean mason jars, put on a seal and a ring and then put each one in the upright freezer.


IMG 8396 300x225 Freezing Lemon Juice

Now, when I want some lemon juice for either a drink or to include in a recipe (we love lemon chicken!) then I can just pull a jar out of the freezer and move it into the fridge.


IMG 8397 300x225 Freezing Lemon Juice

Here’s the finished result – leave more headspace than usual in the jars so the glass doesn’t break when the juice freezes. That small pint jar on the right will be going straight into the fridge. I’ll use that one up first, so I could fill it all the way to the top.

Do You Have a Sauna?

Getting older is not for wussies! Isn’t that the saying? It’s true, absolutely, but I like to think “well, consider the alternative”. I’d rather be growing older than just not being here at all. I still have too many things to do! Although I don’t have a “bucket list” there are a few things I really want to do. I’m keeping those things to myself, at least for now.

I am finding body changes happening, absolutely. I love to read and at times now, my eyes get really sore. I’ll never give up on reading though, as I get so much enjoyment out of it. There’s nothing I like better on a winter day than sitting in my favourite chair with a cup of tea and a really good book!

I’m also getting arthritis. Funny thing is I was told this several years ago by my doctor, who had sent me for an MRI. He asked if my right knee ever hurt and when I said No, he said “well, it will, because you are getting arthritis!”. Fast forward 3 years and both my knees now get sore. I hope it will never stop me from kneeling down in my garden, but if it does, then we’ll make some raised beds. I can’t imagine not being able to garden. I spend more time out there than I do inside cleaning the house!

I’ve heard that saunas are good for people with arthritis. Since Graham is starting to get it (he thinks) in one of his hands, we’ve both been taking glucosamine for months now. Sometimes I think it’s working, but when I kneel down, I can still hear my knees creaking.

A sauna also helps with sweating out all the bad that is within us. It’s kind of┬álike detox sitting in the sauna sweating heavily. Toxins are released through the sweating and that’s a good thing.

So, lately I have been thinking about getting a sauna. I enjoy sitting in them and always have. I think finishing off a work day in the gardens by having an outdoor shower, followed by a sauna would be quite wonderful! How relaxing it would be! Since I also have some circulation problems in my fingers, there’s another thing that could be helped by using a sauna.

The saunas I am thinking of right now are the ones offered by Almost Heaven Saunas. I like the idea of an outdoor sauna, but it might not be the most practical for us with our cold and very snowy winters. We’ll see.

Do any of our readers have a sauna? I’d love to hear some feedback about whether you use it regularly and what kind of health benefits you feel you are getting from using one.