Prepper’s Gift Guide

Preppers Gift Guide

Here’s some great ideas to get for the prepper in your home – some of the gifts are high end, others are much less expensive. There’s a few stocking stuffer ideas in there too.


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9 tray Preppers Gift Guide

Excalibur Dehydrator – I bought one this year and I love it. I used it for making apple chips and they turned out fantastic. Jaime and I made quite a bit of Rhubarb fruit leather too. The Excalibur is a quality machine; it’s simply the best dehydrator on the market. I had wanted one for years and this year I finally ordered one and I’m so glad I did. Next year I’ll be drying more of our vegetables for long term storage.


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I’ve got the 9 tray unit with the timer. Mine came with a 10 year warranty (which is double what they usually are). Check out their site and take a look at their specials. One note: I notice they are selling clear doors for their units, that cost a bit more. I wouldn’t bother getting it; I would never go by just looking in there to see if the foods were dry. I would be in there bending and tasting, so the solid door is working just fine for me. Right now, they are offering a savings of $50.00.


leatherman Preppers Gift Guide


Leatherman – This Leatherman Wingman Multi Tool is great to have in your jeans. No matter what kind of chore you might need to do on the property, you can probably use this one. Made of stainless steel, it will last forever and comes with all of these features:

420HC Combo Knife, Spring-action Regular Pliers, Spring-action Needlenose Pliers, Spring-action Wire Cutters

  • Wire Stripper, Small Screwdriver, Medium Screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver,
  • Spring-action scissors
  • Wood/Metal File, Bottle Opener, Can Opener

These are a great stocking stuffer and teenage boys LOVE them! Priced just under $30.00 and worth every darn penny.



lodge dutch overn Preppers Gift Guide

Lodge Cookware is fantastic. Made in the USA (that’s important!) it is so durable it will outlast YOU.  This 5 quart, Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Dutch Oven with Dual Handles will work great on your wood cookstove, your flat topped woodstove or your campfire. It’s big, so get a delicious pot of soup going and invite some friends over to share. Stew and dumplings cooked on a woodstove in the winter – that just can’t be beat. Comes with a lifetime limited warranty against defects, and when cared for properly, this virtually indestructible pan should last for generations. It’s 40% off right now, which is a great deal.


handcrankradio Preppers Gift Guide

Ambient Weather Emergency Solar HandCrank AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio, Flashlight, Phone Charger, Weather Alert, Siren  is on sale for $39.99, which is 33% off. These are so handy to have whether there is a power outage, you are camping or you live off grid.  Here’s the details:

The compact-sized WR-112 includes all of the features of the popular WR-111B plus an emergency siren, SOS flashing light, power outage flashing beacon and improved charging circuit.

  • A must for any emergency toolkit, Bug Out Bag, or just hanging out at the beach, the ADVENTURER combines multiple emergency features into one compact package.
  • The WR-112 is a Digital AM/FM NOAA Weather Alert Radio, a powerful 3 LED flashlight, and cell phone, MP3, MP4, Amazon Kindle, Apple Ipod, Ipad, IPhone and USB charger, all in one portable package.
  • The ADVENTURER is a five way charger – charge from a USB device (computer), AC or wall power (with optional converter), DC or car charger (with optional converter), hand crank, or solar panel.
  • With the ADVENTURER, you can fully charge the WR-112 through the USB/AC/DC adaptor. You can charge the cell phone/mp3/mp4/USB with no cranking. Other crank chargers require continuous hand cranking to charge a device.


lifestraw Preppers Gift Guide

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter  Perfect for when you need to be sure you are drinking CLEAN water! Makes a great stocking stuff or a gift for hikers and preppers. It’s less than $20 and is a valuable addition to your homesteading supplies.



Having emergency supplies on hand is a good idea for everyone. Don’t count on others or on your government to help you when disaster strikes. Count on yourself and it will add a feeling of security, knowing you can take care of yourself and your family.

Boeterkoek – Almond Butter Cake Recipe

boeterkoek 1

Here’s a smashingly simple recipe for Boeterkoek a Dutch tradition in my family. My sons have been enjoying this Cake for as long as they can remember.

This Almond Butter Cake is a recipe that my Mom made for us when I was growing up – and boy, does it taste good! If you like the flavour of Almonds, you will love this one.

 Boeterkoek   Almond Butter Cake Recipe



The recipe:


Boeterkoek (makes 2 pies)


  • 1 cup butter (NOT Margarine, how dare you!)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 cups white flour
  • 1 beaten egg
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp almond extract


Cream the butter and sugar together, then add the egg. Mix well and then add the rest of the ingredients.

Grease your pie pans (I use the foil ones) and divide the mixture into the 2 pans.

Then, using a clean butterknife, or the back of a spoon, start patting down the mixture. The next step takes some time – don’t rush it.

Use the back of the spoon to “smoothen” out the mixture. Make it look nice! Then, take a bit (and I mean Just a Bit) of a beaten egg and brush that (ever so lightly) on the tops of the cakes.

Then take a few slivered almonds or almond slices and drop them on the top. Push them in slightly with your finger.


Pop them into a 350 degree oven for 25 – 30 minutes, till they are nice and golden brown on top.




 Boeterkoek   Almond Butter Cake Recipe


While they are baking, lick the bowl…and the spoon!  I always use the “disposable” pie plates for this cake as I give most of them away as Christmas Hostess goodies. When we go for a drink at the homes of our friends, I like to bring one of these along. I just cover with Saran and put a nice bow on top.

I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like this Christmas treat! I hope you will try it, Enjoy!