My Thoughts on Snakes

Dr Joseph Valks

The cover picture is of a bunny, because I think they are cute. Also, I refuse to have to look at a picture of a snake, if it can be helped.

I hate snakes. Hate is a pretty strong word. Let me go with dislike.  I really really dislike snakes. There is nothing more toe curling for me than seeing a snake.

Thankfully, I have never lived where there are huge snakes and I never intend to. I have never seen a rattlesnake in real life outside of the Reptile Cage at the zoo and that was years ago. I now refuse to go into another Reptile Cage, as it is really an honest case of “been there, done THAT”.

I never want to have to look into the coop nesting boxes before I reach my hand in, just in case there is a snake in there. Snakes love eggs and will happily help your chicken eggs disappear. I wonder if they like baby chicks as much as they like eggs?

If you live in an area where there are larger snakes, what do you do about them? Do you try to keep them out of your vegetable gardens? Would snake prevention be important to you? I would think snakes would do a good number on the mice population, although I am not sure.


mole and snake repellent


I saw these rodent repellers and they look interesting.  We often have mice in the garden, which is probably why there are snakes in there!

The only snake that we have around here that I know of is the garter snake. I am somewhat more used to those snakes because they are all over BC. I grew up with seeing them sometimes in the woods or on our lawn. One house I lived in had clover planted around it instead of lawn seed. I have never minded mowing the lawn and did so happily until I realized I was running over things that would then….ahem…get flung out the side chute.

I screamed and right away the toes started curling. I ran back into the house, which is harder than it sounds when you can’t uncurl your toes. I think it took me 2 beers to calm down.

The next time I mowed the lawn, I wore rubber boots, but was soon so grossed out by the flingings, I refused to ever mow the lawn there again.

Here in the Valley, I have seen three snakes in all the years we have lived here. They were garter snakes but they were a lot bigger around and a lot longer than those puny Island snakes down in Southern BC.

That’s probably pretty good, only 3 toe curls in 6 years. I can handle that. I don’t have to like it, but I can handle it.

Wildlife – Our View on Animals in our Backyard


We’re very fortunate to live in an area with so much wildlife! City folks may find it a bit unnerving, but we love it. There aren’t many people who get to see these views from the porch…

deer, hunting, BC

The deer are always quite good at showing up out of season!

deer, hunting, wildife

Mama and babe…

Right outside the door!

Can you see her?

Moose in the Pasture

A Cow Moose in the hayfield – these are huge animals, as big as a horse.


A healthy Coyote hanging out by our well…

BC, wildlife, animals, hunt

The bear wasn’t in the yard; we saw him on a roadtrip. People had obviously been feeding him from their cars, because he just hung out on the side of the highway. Unfortunately, the feeding was probably the death knell for this guy. Please don’t feed wildlife – you are harming more than helping.