Chickens – Wordless Wednesday






























  1. avatar Amanda says:

    The little red hen sitting in her nest box looks so happy and comfy! Or maybe not if she’s in the middle of laying an egg…! 🙂

    • avatar Annie says:

      Hi Amanda, our hens are usually very happy. I think they have a pretty good life 🙂 When it gets really cold, I cook them oatmeal!

      Amanda, come on over here and see where the gang is hanging out these days: Click on Forums at the top of this page.

      Love to have you join us again.

  2. avatar Kari says:

    I love looking at all of your hens! They look so healthy and happy! Do you get many eggs throughout the fall and winter? We are down to 1 or 2 eggs everyday, but the hens are molting and a dreaded skunk has been hanging around the barn!

    • avatar Annie says:

      No Kari, the egg production really starts dropping come mid October. Then with the time change and the winter cold starting to settle in, it drops even more. I have used a light in the coop on a timer, so they get 14 hours of daylight to get them laying again. I didn’t like how much energy that took out of the chickens, to keep laying in the cold.