Diabetes – Is it Coming For You?

Every day more and more people are being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  The doctors have known for years that this would happen. I remember at least 15 years ago, my doctor asking me questions about diabetes in my family.

He mentioned then that Type 2 diabetes was on the rise and the numbers were expected to keep rising. He actually called it an epidemic.

Adult Onset Diabetes (Type 2) is often seen as a “lifestyle disease”, although there is a genetic component to it. People began eating more and more processed foods and junk food. At the same time, they were decreasing their activity level.

Lousy food, combined with too much sitting around can equal trouble. A lot of restaurant food is terribly bad for a person, as there are too many delicious but deep fried foods. When you order a meal at a restaurant, ever notice the small portions of vegetables? You get a good portion of meat and a good portion of rice or potatoes, but a small amount of veggies.

Couple that with sitting at a desk job for 9 hours a day, then follow that up with 2 or 3 hours of couch time and you have a perfect storm waiting to happen. Diabetes loves people who live like this.

I don’t want diabetes, thank you very much. If I watch what I eat and stay active all year round, I can reduce my chances quite a bit from developing Type 2.

Being proactive does not mean that I will Never be diagnosed with diabetes, but it will sure help reduce my chances. I like that.

Read up on the epidemic happening all over North America. Consider making changes in your lifestyle to ward off a diabetes diagnosis.

Consider going to a naturopath to learn ways to reduce your chances. A naturopath can help you make wise food choices and get you on your way to living a much healthier and active life. Naturopathic medicine has been practised for centuries. Hippocrates (that guy behind the oath medical doctors have to take) is widely believed to be an advocate of naturopathic medicine.

Don’t be part of the crowd that is heading for a medical diagnosis of diabetes. It’s a group you would rather not be a member of!


  1. avatar Kari says:

    Very well said, Annie. It is so important for all of us to realize we have the biggest impact on our own health. We just watched the movie documentary, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” it was very interesting how a man changed his life and many others with his effort to juice with the supervision of a doctor.

    • avatar Annie says:

      I haven’t heard of that documentary, I will have to look for it. Thanks for mentioning it

  2. Insulin resistance, gestational diabetes, difficulty with even healthy complex carbs, POCD, father, grandfather and great grandmother have it – all came together. I was diagnosed in June. If only it were as simple as eating only the best foods and staying active my life would be much easier. Do whatever it takes to avoid the disease, but know that it happens to some regardless of how you eat, work and live.

    • avatar Annie says:

      Some people who have Type 2 in their family can hold off a diabetes diagnosis for quite awhile, if they eat healthy and stay really active. Reducing the amount of sugar and lousy processed foods can be a huge help with this. Type 2 used to be called “adult onset” diabetes, but they have stopped using that term since now there are a lot of kids who are being diagnosed. The epidemic continues.