Eating Great Food…

Anyone who has a vegetable and fruit garden knows just how good they can eat during the summer season. Here’s a few pictures of our Garden Harvests as of late.



The Cauliflower is ready! We’ve been eating it for about a week and we still have some left in the garden.



Lots of  Broccoli is getting eaten here on an almost nightly basis. The great thing about growing Broccoli is, after you cut off the main head, side florets continue to grow. This means we can continue eating Broccoli for at least another month.



We’re eating the very last of the Garlic Scapes now, what a great harvest they have been.



We’ve started robbing a few potatoes from some of the plants. The red ones are Chieftains and the others are Fingerlings. I love freshly dug potatoes especially alongside freshly shelled garden peas!





  1. avatar Robin says:

    Mmmm! Having the absolute best food available makes the work of gardening worth every sore muscle, blister and bug bite.

  2. Having the best food makes every achy muscle, blister and bug bite worth it!

    • avatar Annie says:

      Isn’t that the truth! The black flies here are really bad right now. It should only last another week or so I hope!