Embroidery – It’s On My Winter “To Do” List

Fall is definitely in the air and once all the outside work is done and everything picked up and put away, there will be time for relaxing.



Is Fall my favourite season? I’m not sure, I love all the seasons. I could do without the -30C weather in the middle of winter, though. I’m not much on that. Maybe we’ll be able to get down to southern California again late winter, we’ll see.

I’m trying to think of some projects and hobbies to focus on this winter. We’ll be doing some little home reno projects like, maybe getting the floor laid in the loft closet.

I’m thinking of get back into my needlework, although I’m wondering if my eyes will be good enough for it. I’ll dig out a small kit of unfinished work and try to get it done. By that time, I should know whether my eyes can take the strain.

Do you enjoy needlecrafts? I know there used to be home parties where you could buy needlework kits. It was like Tupperware, but with needlework.



I used to do a lot of crewel, which is embroidery using wool instead of thread. I still have some of the pictures hanging on our walls; a lot of other projects were done as gifts for family and friends. I always really enjoyed doing embroidery and many a winter evening would find me sitting in a warm spot with a lamp over my shoulder while I worked.

Embroidery has been around for ages, it actually dates back to the middle ages. Back then, a lot of it was done for church garments.

Embroidery can be done to dress up all kinds of things, pillowcases (like Grandma used to have) table runners, or done on shawls and jackets. Dresses and formal wear often feature embroidery and along with applique, were used extensively on Kate’s gown when she married HRH William. Even wedding shoes are lace and hand-embroidered.

Do you remember any items from your childhood that were embroidered? Linens that were in your mother’s or Grandmother’s linen closet? Maybe you were taught as a young girl and worked, like I did, on a handkerchief as an early project.





  1. avatar Kari says:

    You fall photo is beautiful!! I have embroidery on my list too! Now that the lists are get smaller or just less dusty from the construction, there looks like there might be time…eventually!!

    • avatar Annie says:

      That’s a coincidence that we’re both trying to get time to do the same needlecraft 🙂 I hope you are going to put up pictures once you are done with the kitchen!

      • avatar Kari says:

        Yes, pictures soon on the remodel. I have to find them in the scattering of photo taking and produce picking. Is your harvest complete?

        • avatar Annie says:

          I’m looking forward to seeing them. I would love to redo our kitchen, but it hasn’t made it to the top of the list yet.

  2. avatar krystal says:

    I still have the pillowcases that had embroidary on them. They were done by an older lady that babysat me as a toddler. I can still remember her. She had long grey hair that she put up into a bun every day with umpteen pins. I loved her perogies and cabbage rolls.
    She also spun her own wool. I can remember sitting with her while she spun on the big wheel She would have me picking out all the wood chips and things from her basket of fuzzy wool. I called her “Grandma Fergola”. Not sure how she spelled her name but she left an impression on me for years to come and I loved her very much.
    Thankyou for the memory today.

    • avatar Annie says:

      What wonderful memories, Krystal! Isn’t it great that you still have the pillowcases that she created. And I think a lot of women years ago learned how to do needlecraft by working on things like pillowcases and handkerchiefs.

  3. avatar Jonni says:

    Funny how the different seasons have us all doing different things. Summer for me is the time to hide inside from the heat. Winter is a busy time for us. So I am getting ready for busy and not the more quiet summer time. (Arizona)

    • avatar Annie says:

      Hi Jonni, we are totally opposite from the way you work with the seasons in AZ. And when we were in Cali this past winter, we left the desert in early April and it was getting too hot for us then 🙂