Fishing – Wordless Wednesday

Cariboo, Lake, fishing

fishing, fish, lakes

fishing, lakes

Cariboo, Lake, Fishing


catch of the day, Lake, Fishing

Trout, Dinner, Fishing


  1. avatar Lynda says:

    Wonderful! I’ll say it again: “You live in God’s Country”.

    • avatar Annie says:

      For at least part of the year we do, Lynda. I will try to remember that in January…

  2. avatar Mitzi says:

    Lovely photos! That photo with the mist coming up over the water is awesome!

    • avatar Annie says:

      Thans Mitzi, glad you liked them. That misty photo was taken on a fishing trip near here (that photo was included in our 2011 Calendar) We liked it too

  3. avatar Cicero sings says:

    The scenery looks so inviting and I bet that fish tasted scrummy.

    Haven’t tried that wine yet. Soon.

    • avatar Annie says:

      HI Cicero, scrummy? That must be a mix of yummy and scrumptious! Let me know how you like the Raspberry Saskatoon wine – it is almost time to start picking and make more.

  4. avatar Carol says:

    Awesome country ~ So glad you seem to be enjoying it despite working so hard ~ ^_^

    • avatar Annie says:

      HI Carol, I think the hardest part is to just get the gardens planted. After that, things are quite a bit more….well, sane!

  5. What beautiful picture’s. You are so lucky to live by such beauty, and to be able to fish like that. I love to fish, and we went out the other night to go fishing, but not having any rain for about 6 months now has our creeks, rivers, and lakes low. I could see sand banks in the middle of one of our favorite lakes. Unbelievable!! So no fishing that night, or any other night until we get some rain here in the Houston, TX area. We will just have to go saltwater fishing if we want to fish. This will make my husband happy. The fish looked delicious, and I bet it was. .

    • avatar Annie says:

      Hi Paula Jo, the fish around here are always delicious. When we get a good haul, we pull out the canner. But first, the Gman smokes the fish in his smoker then we can it. That way we can enjoy the fish all year round.

  6. avatar Amanda says:

    A guy that I work with said he put fish leftovers (guts, heads, etc) in the holes where he planted his tomatoes and now they are about 6 feet tall, so it’s a tomato jungle that part of his garden. Lots of tomatoes from each plant too, he said.

    Your pictures look like Minnesota, except for the mountains. You guys must have such a relaxing life! At least compared to people in LA or New York or any city.

    • avatar Annie says:

      Fish parts are a wonderful fertilizer under tomatoes. For us, though, by the time we get out fishing, the tomatoes are already planted…but we have buried them in other parts of the garden. Graham planted a lot of fish guts in what would be our garlic bed, when we were still trying to amend the soil there.