Food Prices Going Up – What Are You Going to Do?

We all know that food costs are rising. Beef and poultry are expected to increase in price in the next month, and they will be followed by other commodities. Read the article on CNN to get an idea of how high they expect prices to go.

The drought that has been experienced this year has affected 60% of the United States. Farmers have been able to do nothing except stand back and watch the corn and soybean harvests disappear from lack of water.

This alone should tell you that prices are going to go up. Even backyard gardens have suffered a cruel hit this summer, due to lack of water. Watering restrictions and outright watering bans have not helped this situation.

Would you describe this situation as an Emergency? Perhaps not (yet), but many would and many do.

If you eat a lot of processed foods you will see a huge increase in pricing for these items in the store. Even fruits and vegetables will be going up in price. They have to, as the supply has decreased and the demand will increase.

So preparing for these kinds of situations is a good thing. Planning for your family to have enough food to eat over the coming months is an important issue. Also, what will the food prices be like in January and February in many parts of North America?

That is perhaps when they will be at their highest! So why not plan now and become more prepared, so that your family will be able to make it through the winter time with a good variety of food to eat. Filling your pantry is never a bad thing!

But, these kinds of situations are certainly not the only kind of emergencies. What would happen if one of the breadwinners in your family should get sick or injured? These things happen and if you have already prepared for a possibility like this, it will be much easier for you to get through it.

Companies that stock Emergency foods and supplies are already reporting brisker business and I thinkĀ  that’s a good thing. To me, that shows that more and more people are beginning to realize just how difficult and expensive things may become.

Here are two online stores that supply a good, well rounded assortment of Emergency Food Packages and Emergency Preparedness supplies:

The Wise Company – Recommended by Dave Ramsey, Michael Medved, Michael Savage and others, the Wise Company offers a good variety of simple and affordable ready-made freeze dried and dehydrated meals for emergency preparedness and outdoor use.


Whether you’re going on extended hunting or hiking trips, or planning for some extra security by having more food on hand, this company has what you will need. Take a look around their website for more information on their preparedness products. They carry freeze dried vegetables, fruits, gourmet sauces and more.

The Wise Company offers a 5% discount as well as free shipping for a limited time. Use the links in this post and your discount and free shipping will be applied on your Checkout page.


The Ready Store also carries a wide assortment of Emergency Preparedness products. They have a fantastic promotion on right now. If you buy $1000 worth of products, you will receive a $250 Gift Card. Use the links on this page to put your order in.



You can always go in with a friend or neighbour and split the order. You will both save money, as you can split the Gift Card as well.

From food storage to MRE meals, to all kinds of Emergency Supplies, Survival Kits, Water Storage….you name it, The Ready Store has it. You can earn points by ordering, which will get you discounts on further orders.

Do you feel you are ready for the coming months? Are you concerned about our food supply? Adding more food to you pantry will help give you a better feeling of control over the rising prices that are coming our way. If your garden wasn’t able to produce enough food due to the widespread drought, consider laying in some supplies!

If you want to read more articles about Emergency Preparedness, including water collection, click on the link.