Haying Equipment

We have always wanted to hay our pastures that are in front of our house, but we wanted to get the equipment a bit at a time. This was the best way we could afford to do it – we refuse to go into debt for our farm. I realize that a lot of farms cannot do that, especially the larger farms.

We really feel strongly that farming can be a quick trip to a money pit. The bigger the farm, the more equipment that is needed. The more equipment, the more expensive. The more expensive, the bigger the chances that equipment would need to be financed. we aren’t interested in owing the bank any money because we went into debt for farm equipment.

So, over the past year or two, we have slowly started buying the haying equipment as we could afford it. We started off with buying this awesome tractor that we found sitting on the side of the road on Highway 24.




He looks pretty happy with his new (to us) tractor, doesn’t he?




Later, we got a sickle bar mower. He will put this on the back of the tractor and it will do the actual cutting of the hay.





Last month, we bought the hay rake. After the hay is cut and laying on the field, we will have to wait a few days for the hay to dry. Then, Graham will use the hay rake to turn the hay over, fluff it up and put it in a row.

Next up is the hay baler. We have a fellow on the Coast holding onto a baler for us. We’re hoping to get down there next week to pick it up. Around the Valley, haying is usually done around the 23rd or so of July. It will all depend on the weather, as we need a good 5 days or so with no rain, in order to get the haying done.



So here’s hoping later this month, we’ll be haying part of our fields! Here’s a picture taken last year, when Graham was out cutting down some of the hay.



  1. avatar Lynda says:

    They’re cutting alfalfa here right now…second cutting. My dad grew hay…I loved every minute of it…including bucking the hay! Smart lady not getting into farming debt..it’s a black-hole for sure!

    • avatar Annie says:

      Hi Lynda, what does “Bucking” mean with regards to haying? I think we’ll be at least cutting some hay soon, maybe even later this week. We’re planning on seeding some Alfalfa once we’ve disked – how many cuttings do you get in Ca? I would think quite a few. Up in the Valley we can only get one!

  2. avatar Joanne says:

    Cool! Now you will have to get some sheep 🙂

    • avatar Annie says:

      I’d love to have a few sheep, Joanne. I don’t think we’re ready yet, not sure if we will be here in the Valley all year. But there’s always next year! Hope all is well with you

  3. avatar Linda says:

    That is so cool Annie! I agree debt is not a good thing…

    • avatar Annie says:

      Hi Linda, we are really happy we are getting this far. It has taken us several years, but that’s OK. Having paid for equipment is worth it.