Hunting Moose in Maine – A 10 Year Old Girl’s First Hunt

Some of you already follow Robin Follette’s site. Robin’s a Maine writer who loves the outdoors, hunting, fishing and hiking.

While out hunting for partridge, Robin and her friend came across a father – daughter team moose hunting.

Moose are huge animals and their meat will easily fill a deep freeze and the meat is delicious.

Go on over to Robin’s site and read through her article there. She’s got some great photos of a successful hunt.


  1. avatar Robin Follette says:

    Thank you! McKenna is a cool kid. She does a lot of outdoors things with her dad.

    • avatar Annie says:

      The number of kids who are being taught these skills is dwindling all the time. This 10 year old is already learning how to hunt and likely a lot of other skills as well. I loved your post and great pictures of the moose too.