I’m Already Making Sauerkraut

I think our cabbages are growing faster than other years. I don’t know why, but this is the first year I am harvesting big cabbages this early.

We are using some for Coleslaw but it takes us awhile to use two whole heads just for this. I like putting red and green cabbage together for Coleslaw, along with some grated carrot. Love the way the colours look together.

Again, we have more Cabbage than we will use fresh. So I’ve been harvesting these big heads and making Sauerkraut as I have in the past years. I think this year I’ll be able to get more Sauerkraut canned than any other year.

Sauerkraut is really easy to make and Sauerkraut is really easy to can in a water bath. Check out the links for the recipe and the canning process.

With food prices expected to rise sharply this year, because of the drought, you’ll be glad come January if you have a dozen (or two) cases of Sauerkraut in your pantry.


This is also (hopefully) a good year to plant a Fall garden. I hope that all of you will see rain come soon. I know a lot of you have lost your gardens this summer. Those folks who were able to haul water to hand water your gardens were able to get some things harvested at least. We’ve all learned just how badly we need the rain!


So, try planting a Fall garden and hopefully the rains will do the irrigating for you. Whatever you can plant and harvest will be much cheaper than what we are all going to have to buy in the grocery stores.

If the price of Cabbage is still inexpensive in your grocery store right now, why not pick up 6 heads or so and get some Sauerkraut going?


  1. avatar Linda says:

    What about soap??? (sorry couldn’t resist! lol)

    • avatar Annie says:

      Akkkkkk….it’s on the list 🙂 hey, CC is back over at the Journey. Stop by!