Loft Closet – Part 3

Here’s the latest on the Loft Closet – we are very close to being done. All we need are two more brackets and the flooring – finally this job is coming to a close.


Installing wood along the back of the closet – this will be to screw the brackets into.



Figuring out where to put the shelving tracks.




Three back boards and 3 shelving tracks later…



We spray painted white brackets with a pewter coloured spray paint. The white ones were far cheaper than the pewter ones at the store, so we bought white and sprayed them.


You can see Graham still has his tools in there. That didn’t stop me from arranging some of my shoes. I’m happy with the way it is all turning out. Underneath the bottom shelf is room for our weekender bags and cowboy boots. We’ll make shelves for the right side of this closet too – we’re going to design them to hold my handbags.

A hanger for belts and scarves will go in the front corners and I think that will be it. It is so nice to be able to finally organize and put away things. And the glass doors will keep everything dust free.

I would love to have a huge customized walk in closet, but I am very happy with these two closets.




  1. avatar Kari says:

    Beautiful closet, Annie!

    • avatar Annie says:

      Thanks Kari!

  2. avatar Amanda says:

    I really like those doors, I’ve never seen a closet that you could see into. Very pretty, it’ll look really nice with the floor done. Are you staining the shelves at all?

    • avatar Annie says:

      Hi Amanda, no we are going to leave the shelves natural. We like the way it turned out!