Making the Best of Basics – Book Review

A few days ago, I wrote about the food prices going up, along with some good resources to help your family become more prepared for emergencies.



Here’s a great book that I want you to know about. Making the Best of Basics – a Family Preparedness Handbook, was first written back in the early 1970’s by James Talmage Stevens.

In this updated 12th Edition, you’ll find everything you want and need to know about being more “emegency prepared”. It not only contains great information about food storage but also answers these questions you may have:

  • How much food do we need to store to last for one year?
  • What kinds of food should we store to last for one year?
  • What kind of containers do we need to store food for one year?
  • Do we can them, or freeze them, sprout them, dehydrate them or what?

You’ll appreciate the lists and worksheets included and you will be able to start working on a preparedness plan that suits you and your family.

Unexpected events, weather and accidents can, and do, happen.  If you haven’t already started a pantry, consider buying a few extra staples each week, just to have on hand. Keep at it and over time, you will have a full pantry. Having a supply of food on hand will reduce a lot of stress if a food shortage should happen in your community.

It could also mean you can take your grocery money and use it to cover that costly truck repair that you didn’t see coming. There are all kinds of situations when having a full pantry will translate into money savings for you.

Do you already have a pantry started? has a wide range of products available, including Berkey Water Filters, food storage products, books and preparedness supplies.