Riding the Quad



Awhile ago, we took off for a quad ride. We wanted to go to the back side of our property which is across the creek.

Follow da Wolf – he is leading the way. He loves going out bush bombing. Can you see him in the picture?


Can you see his tail? He is way up ahead on the path. He knows where we’re going and wants to lead the way.

Here we cut across the neighbours property (they don’t mind)



Heading out across another neighbour’s bridge over the creek.



Here’s the Valley from a different viewpoint – our view is nothing like this. Even this doesn’t look the same today, as the Fall colours are really happening now. Love the Valley at this time of year.


 Lilypads in the creek. This is the same creek that runs through our property. We don’t have all those lilypads, but I don’t know why not. Maybe it is flowing a bit faster on our property?


Just a small part of the backside of our property. We still have enough firewood that can be harvested from here, to last us many years.


Actually, we may have enough firewood here for forever. The pine beetle came through here several years ago and devastated the pines found everywhere in the Cariboo.

Here is a picture of a standing pine, killed by the pine beetle. We have taken down well over a hundred dead pine trees on our property and have not even started on the property that is across the creek from the house.

The only good thing about all the dead standing pine is that it makes gathering firewood very very easy. We even know people who don’t fill their wood sheds anymore. They can go out in wintertime, drop a tree, buck it, split it and throw it right into the wood stove. That’s how dry these trees are.

Every summer, we worry about forest fires. We have had several fairly close to us in the Valley, but the firefighting crews are so fast to arrive on the scene, we have not had a bad fire here. Yet. I still worry though.

Now, we are seeing new pine trees growing. So far, no beetle. From what I have read, the beetles have moved on. No food for them means leaving an area to find a new place to eat.