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Best Book to Learn about Country Living


Trying to be more self-sufficient? Want to start learning how to grow your own food and raise your own meat? Need to learn about gardening, canning & preserving?


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Here's one of the best resource books out there -   The Encylopedia of Country Living, by Carla Emery

Carla Emery was a remarkable woman, who made it her calling to spread the word about Homesteading and providing for yourself and your family. I have read this book from front to back and back to front many many times.  It's 871 pages chockful of information, I kid you not.

Here is the kind of information included in this amazing book:

  • Introduction to Plants
  • Grasses, Grains and Canes
  • Garden Vegetables
  • Herbs & Flavorings
  • Tree, Vine, Bush & Bramble
  • Food Preservation
  • Introduction to Animals
  • Poultry
  • Goats, Cows & Home Dairying
  • Bee, Rabbit, Sheep & Pig

Interwoven is Carla's story - the story of her life, her marriage, motherhood, travelling to markets to sell her book, her frustrations and her dreams.  Her writing style is plain, simple and very easy to understand language.

You can order the book through Amazon. You won't be disappointed. If you're new to the idea of raising your own food and/or animals, you will learn a LOT from this book.

Carla's book would make an excellent Christmas present for the wannabe gardener/small farmer in your life. Have a relative expressing interest and asking questions about country style living, even in the city? Anyone would appreciate this kind of thoughtfulness about choosing a present for them.


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