Want to Go Off-Grid?

Want cheap electricity for your home? We all know electrical energy prices are skyrocketing. Day after day, things are getting worse because rising energy prices have made life very expensive. Every month we spend a greater percentage of our hard earned income on electrical bills. When you combine higher electric bills with higher grocery bills and higher gas costs, it makes paying monthly bills that much more difficult.
Have you ever looked into the possibility of providing your own electric power? Have you already been checking out solar power or wind power? Sometimes the cost of implementing alternative energy is just too costly. Here is a product you may be interested in.
  • It is the ONLY device producing free energy with 3 US patents


  • It can reduce your monthly electric bill by an average of 70%


  • Easy to build and will help you stop being dependent on your electric company
This magnetic motor produces more cost-effective energy than any other generator anywhere in the world. You can easily install it in your home. In essence, powerful magnets are used to generate cheap electricity. The special property of polarity of magnets exerts huge force. This force turns heavy blades of a turbine to generate electricity.
This magnetic generator has a special characteristic that enables it to produce alternate current (ac) as well. When the magnetic generator is not working, power is stored in batteries for future use. This happens when the magnetic generator is not running. The energy used by the magnet electricity generator is less than the energy it produces. The magnetic generator is very cheap to run and maintain. Therefore, it is a better alternative to wind and solar energy.
You can check out the patents ( here are the patent numbers – #5,402,021, #4,877,983, #4,151,431) at the following link:
By using a magnetic electricity generator, you can stop paying expensive electricity bills. This is the best alternative in large scale production of cheap electricity for countries whose power resources have been exhausted. Using this energy source saves one from paying high electricity bills throughout one’s lifetime.