The Busy Days of Summer

Wow has this week been busy. No wait, it was last week that was busy. Whichever, we have been getting a lot of things done and every day seems busier than the one before.

I have been putting up peas by the bagful. We both love shell peas and so this year, I planted a lot. A lot of peas means a lot of pea picking, and then a lot of pea shelling, then a lot of pea freezing.

It’s a lot of work, but to us, nothing tastes like summer more than freshly frozen peas that we can eat in January!

We also grow snap peas, but I don’t love them the way I love shell peas.

I do get to sit on the porch for hours each afternoon, shelling peas and that is not a bad thing. Once or twice the thought runs across my mind that I planted too many peas, but really, how can that be? Impossible!

Here’s a really easy way to preserve your garden peas. After shelling, blanch them for two minutes. Just bring some water to a boil, toss the peas in there and when the water returns to a boil, set your timer for 2 minutes.

When the timer goes off, immediately drain the peas (I just throw them in a colander) then plunge them immediately into cold water. So I have one sink with cold water ready and then use the other sink to drain the hot water off the peas.



Let them cool down completely in the cold water. Once they’re cold, spread them out on a cookie sheet.

Set the tray in your freezer for a few hours. Usually, I leave them in there until the next day. Then I use a spatula to pry the frozen peas off the sheet. Dump them in a container or Ziploc bag and toss in the freezer.

Whenever you feel like having fresh peas, just open the bag and lightly steam or boil. Yummy!

Now I’m off to put some fresh peas on to enjoy with our dinner tonite! Do you grow peas? What kind? We are growing Bounty shell peas and we’re very happy with them.


  1. avatar Linda says:

    Awe! That is how I freeze berries – minus the blanching of course. The spatula works great to get them off the tray. I put them in a Ziploc bag and then I can take just what I want and put the rest back into the freezer…

    • avatar Annie says:

      It sure makes it easy to get berries and peas in the freezer then, isn’t it? No excuses for not having 2 minutes to git ‘er done, lol.