The Garden is Booming

We have probably had almost perfect weather for gardening in the Cariboo. At least at our place. Talking with people who live a bit farther south, their gardens are not doing as well as ours. Here we have had lots of rain and then some wonderful heat, with those hot sunny days making the garden grow so quickly.

IMG 8565 300x225 The Garden is Booming

Lots of Red and Green Cabbage in the garden. To the left is the Broccoli and Cauliflower.


IMG 8566 225x300 The Garden is Booming

If you have time to read more about growing your own vegetables, take a look at some of our earlier posts. Here’s the green cabbage, growing really well now. We still have to hoe out the chickweed but as long as get it out before it flowers, we’ll be OK.


IMG 8567 300x225 The Garden is Booming

We have a couple of rows of Zucchini and three rows of green Bush Beans. There are flowers on both so we are hoping it won’t be long and we’ll see some Zucchini. Jaime was excited to see a few real beans on the plants!  We’re going to enjoy all 8 at dinner tonight!


IMG 8569 225x300 The Garden is Booming

A nice healthy row of a mix of four different kinds of lettuce.


IMG 8571 225x300 The Garden is Booming

The Swiss Chard is coming along and we need to get some more seeds in the ground somewhere. We don’t have enough planted at this point and are running out of room. We’ll find someplace we can tuck another row in.


IMG 8572 225x300 The Garden is Booming

This bed of Carrots badly needs thinning, but it hasn’t quite hit the top of our list….yet.


IMG 8573 300x225 The Garden is Booming

I’m very happy with how good the Red Cabbage is looking. It’s too early for heads, but you can tell by the leaves that they are very healthy plants.

Anyone want to see some Greenhouse pictures?


  1. It is a beautiful garden, Annie and no bugs on the cabbage!! How do you manage that?!! Enjoy the bounty, you will be harvesting in no time at all! ~Kari

    • We’re already harvesting and right now are busy cutting and using all the garlic scapes. We don’t usually have a problem with the cabbage, but this year I have put both turnips and radishes under Remay because of the bugs eating holes in the leaves. So far, it seems to be working. We’ll see.