The Loft Closets – Part 2

(Yesterday, I wrote about getting started on building two closests in our bedroom loft. Here’s Part 2 (from 2010) and the latest update, which happened just last week, will be posted here tomorrow. Wow, it takes us a long time to finish some projects!)

When we were in Kelowna, we were at Home Depot for something. Graham spotted a sale on glass paned wood doors, measured them up and decided they would fit perfectly for our loft closets. We got them for a great deal ($52 per door).







I love them! I think they’ll look great once it’s all done!




He trimmed out around the light switch.



He still has to put the trim up around the door edges. And I still have to figure out the custom shelves for the right hand closet, plus we have to get flooring eventually. We’re really happy with the way they are turning out. At least now we can keep the dust off the clothes.