This is Disgusting! Do You Buy Pork at the Grocery Store?

Just the other day, I was looking around on Facebook and came across this picture put up by Urban Homesteading is a Way of Life, Not a Copyright. I’ll explain about their unusual Facebook name later in this post.

But first, look at this picture. If you buy your pork at the grocery store, this is the way your pork chop’s true owner spent its entire life!



Callous, cruel and inhumane. Wouldn’t you agree?

Here’s an alternative – this is how our pigs live while they are with us in the Valley.



We spend time with them, especially when they first arrive and are scared. Pigs are very social animals and they love attention!


We keep them in a smaller area until they are large enough to be let out on pasture. The area above is about 1 1/2 acres and has electric fencing around it.  The pigs get to forage for their food, they have lots of room to run and play and they always come running when they hear us calling them.


A dirty pig is a happy pig! Seriously, they love to root around with their strong noses. Since pigs are unable to sweat, they like to roll around in the mud on a hot day. It’s their way of trying to stay cool.



Pigs love the water. They squeal when we turn the hose on for them and they try to drink from the hose!


We grow a garden specifically for the pigs and chickens. It’s a big garden, but we like to feed our pigs mostly vegetables that we grow here in the Animal Garden. They love the food and it sure makes the meat taste delicious!

Which pork would you rather eat? The pig that literally cannot turn around in its stall, never ever seeing the light of day and smelling fresh air? Or the pig that runs out in the pasture, playing with the other pigs and enjoying a good scratching from his farmers?

People today are so darn far removed from their food, it’s unbelievable. If you buy your pork at the grocery store, take another look at the first picture in this post, because THAT is the food you are feeding your family.

Want to read more about how we raise and treat our pigs?

I mentioned above about the Urban Homesteading is a Way of Life, Not a Copyright person(s) on Facebook. They chose their name deliberately when news got out about the Dervais family in California actually succeeding in trademarking the term Urban Homesteading. The Dervais are making people take down any mention of the term Urban Homesteading that doesn’t have the little TM beside it. Some people, like those above on Facebook, refuse to give in to that. If you agree with them, go over and LIKE them on Facebook.

A lot of people got upset with the Dervais family and there is still court action being taken. Personally, I think it’s pretty shortsighted to try to claim a term for your own that has been used for more than a century. I know my respect for them has waned since this whole stupid trademark thing started. (Watch me get a letter now, telling me I need to remove the Urban Homesteading term above.) The family had such a good thing going and they still do, but a lot of farming and homesteading folk have changed their minds about this California family.

Please leave us a comment and let us know how you prefer your pork to be treated while it is still alive and Share this post if you want others to know a better way to raise pork!



  1. avatar scott says:


    • avatar Annie says:

      It sure is, Scott, sad too for the animals.

  2. avatar Patrick says:

    Dear Annie,

    Just a legal note, under the Hong Kong Trademark Ordinance (section 11, subsection1, c and d) legitimate descriptions can’t be trademarked. I don’t know if the same thing is true in your area. It is possible that the registrar was unfamiliar with the term and thought it was newly invented. Other people showing prior use should be able to nullify the registration.




    Yes, the way many animals are kept is distasteful. China is no exception, but I have seen much roomier pig pens at nearby farms.

    • avatar Annie says:

      Thanks Patrick, US is different though. Were the pig pens near you outdoors or in buildings? I wish animals were treated much better on commercial farms.