Up at the Shop…Again

We’re back to working on the shop again. We’ve put up a second round of OSB on all the walls and Graham has been able to set a few things up so he can do his mechanical work.


IMG 6320 300x225 Up at the Shop...Again


You can see I have still have a lot of boards to stain. I have done enough that we can finish the shop – the rest will be going on the house. We thought we could get to that this year, but I doubt it. So the boards will likely just stay here until I get them stained and we can put them up.


IMG 5972 300x225 Up at the Shop...Again


Here’s where we were at with the back exterior. Graham has built scaffolding so he can get up there and put on the fascia boards (the black ones), the soffits and the vents. We are going to finish off the gable ends with shingles stained the same colour as the exterior walls.




IMG 6434 300x225 Up at the Shop...Again


I was talking to my son, the builder, about having to stain so many shingles and where would I put them to dry? He gave me a really good tip – hang up wire and then use clothespins!


IMG 6435 300x225 Up at the Shop...Again


Once we got that set up, it was time to start. We’ve got 10 bundles and wow that is a lot of shingles to stain.



IMG 6439 300x225 Up at the Shop...Again


Hanging them up with clothespins works great. On the wider shingles, I had to use 2 clothespins per shingle. Even though I am staining them inside the shop in the shade, it is still very warm, so the shingles are drying quickly.



IMG 6445 300x225 Up at the Shop...Again


Here’s how the gable end looks with a few rows of shingles up. We’re hoping to get this side of the shop finished in the next couple of days. Slowly, the building of this shop is coming to a finish. It’s taken us longer than we would have liked, but that is life, isn’t it?