We Love Our Electric Juicer

Graham loves grapefruit juice. I love orange juice. We both like our juice best when it’s freshly squeezed.


Grapefruits right off the tree

When we’re able to, we spend a bit of our winter break in Southern California. We love the warm weather and for us, it is a nice treat after working so hard all season at home. One of the best things about southern California is having access to as many grapefruits and oranges as we could ever possibly want. And we want them!


Black & Decker Electric Juicer


A friend showed me her juicer; it was a Black and Decker electric model. She raved about how good it worked and how inexpensive it was.  “Perfect”,  I thought and so I bought one from Amazon and we have just loved it!



Black & Decker Citrus Juicer


We use it a lot and it just keeps going and going. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a sophisticated juicer, (don’t get me wrong, I would love to have this one!) I spent less than $30 and am really happy with it. It’s super easy to take apart and clean – just slip the two strainers apart and give them a good rinsing under hot water.


Juicer set to maximum pulp


There’s a sliding mechanism so you can choose how much pulp you want. You can just have a wee bit of pulp or as much pulp as possible. There’s a lot of fibre in citrus pulp so it’s really good for you.


Electric Citrus Juicer

After I finish juicing, I can just put the container straight into the fridge. I usually juice a container full every four days or so and after two years, this juicer is still going strong.


The Kids Making Fresh Lemonade


I showed my great nieces and nephews how to make freshly squeezed lemonade and we had such a great time. They loved it and each had a turn squeezing the lemons (and drinking the lemonade!)


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