We have quite a few Whiskeyjacks here in the Cariboo. They’re such Cute birds, wearing little suits of grey and white with quite a large head for the size of their body.
They love to stop by our place almost every single day and sit on the porch rail – do you know why?
For THIS!  Robbers! Thieves!
If there is ANY food left in da Wolf’s dish you can be sure the Whiskeyjacks will come and clean it right out.
After they are finished their good meal, they go back to looking all cute and innocent.


  1. They’re my favorite bird. They keep me entertained when I’m hunting (or is it that I keep them entertained?) with their antics. They seldom leave the woods to come into the clearing at the house. Maybe I need to put out some dog food for them.

    • avatar Annie says:

      Robin, I can pretty much guarantee they will come out for you if you set a dish of dog or cat food outside!

  2. avatar angie says:

    Oh thats what those birds are, I just got them here in Prince George this week!! thanks for posting!

    • avatar Annie says:

      Hi Angie, these Whiskeyjacks are so cute, but they can be a nuisance if you have food left outside! Enjoy your bird watching – I love how many different kinds of birds are around the area.