Wild Flowers of the Cariboo

It is so pretty here in late July. All the wildflowers are in bloom and the road to town is ablaze with wild lupines and Indian paintbrush. This Spring, we had so much rain I am sure it helped the wildflowers because I don’t remember them being as vivid as they are this year.

The brilliant red orange of Indian Paintbrush looks wonderful against the white petals of the Oxeye Daisy. (The Daisy, although pretty, is on the Cariboo’s noxious weed list).


The blue Lupines are fading, they were simply gorgeous a couple of weeks ago. Alongside them grows wild Lilies.



Every year, we get more and more of these beauties appearing. I try to remember where they are  (before the flowers come out) so I don’t run them over with the lawn mower!



A better picture of the wild Lupine. They are everywhere, on the roadside no matter if it is a highway or gravel road. Mother Nature’s garden grows everywhere!


Yellow Buttercups nestle alongside Indian Paintbrush and Saskatoon Berry Bushes. It is going to be an awesome Saskatoon Berry year here in the Cariboo, thanks to all the rain!